Intoxicating Intimacy

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There’s no denying the goosebumps along his pale skin as I slowly guide his arms into the supple black leather of the custom straitjacket that I had made for him now two years ago for his birthday. Regardless of the countless times that he’s been strapped inside of its soft, yet unrelenting grasp, his body’s eager anticipation serves for me as a happy reminder that no matter how cruel my actions may feel, deep down in his submissive yearnings he wouldn’t have it any other way. The transformation that takes place as I wrap my beloved in this heavy leather is anything but subtle, much like the overwhelming scent that teases us both about this unique time that we spend as a couple together. As he hangs his head while I cinch each of the thick straps along his back, I can tell that he’s already disappearing into subspace on...
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