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Cover Preview for The Bridal Bound Cuckoldress (by Veronica Ash)
Cuckolding Erotica

The Bridal Bound Cuckoldress

8 years ago

And there I finally am – his bound, slutty wife…

Cover Preview for My Sweet Little Chastity Bitch (by Veronica Ash)
Chastity Erotica

My Sweet Little Chastity Bitch

8 years ago

“Kiss it and thank me for locking you up where you belong.”

Cover Preview for Slaveboy's Month of Depravity & Denial (by Veronica Ash)
FemDom Erotica

Slaveboy’s Month of Depravity & Denial

8 years ago

Why didn’t anybody tell me sooner how much fun being a domme can be?!

Cover Preview for Glimpses of FemDom... (by KinkyWriter)
FemDom Erotica

Glimpses of FemDom…

8 years ago

“I know that it hurts – it’s supposed to hurt. That’s the only way you seem to learn…”

Cover Preview for Her Heels Show No Mercy (by KinkyWriter)
FemDom Erotica

Her Heels Show No Mercy

8 years ago

“You are so fucked!”

Cover Preview for Dark Fantasies (by KinkyWriter)
Erotic Samplers

Dark Fantasies

9 years ago

Not every fantasy is one that we dare to speak about out loud…

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Her Plans to Break Him…

10 years ago

On Day #4 he will know the honor of service…