Story Vault – Playing Dress-Up at the Mall “Fancy meeting you here!” a voice shouted out from several aisles over at the noisy, mall outlet.Mark immediately recognized the voice as belonging to his fiancée Anna’s best friend, Charlotte … a person who he wasn’t particularly anxious to see after a recent mishap when the two girls had been out for lunch together. As the story had been later told back to him, it seemed that Anna had intended on showing Charlotte some pictures from their Hawaiian vacation, however unknowingly she had forgotten that the same camera had also recently been used to take a few kinky photos of some of their playtime……the one in particular being when Anna had helped dress Mark up as a woman, complete with makeup and high heels and the whole shebang…Embarrassed enough simply by hearing the story secondhand, Mark did his best to hang back and wander in the distance while his fiancée...
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