Miss Simone’s Playtime … BOUND, USED, & WHIPPED


Mistress Elizabeth Simone is a professional and lifestyle domme who prides herself in sharing the very essence of BDSM that she treasures in her own life with anyone who desires to learn the ins and outs of what being a dominant woman is really all about. From the sensual side to the truly sadistic, Mistress Simone takes a personal pleasure in knowing precisely which buttons to push in each of her submissives and delights herself in a clientele that has blessed her with years of devoted service and eclectic memories.

This bundle contains the following decadent sessions:

Brandon and his girlfriend Courtney are a loving couple whose curiosity about female domination brings them to Mistress Simone’s studio for an introductory lesson in spanking and bondage that leaves him aching for more and her a little more eager to see just how far her boyfriend’s kinky desires will lead her!

A young switch named Chloe comes to visit Mistress Simone as a submissive while at home she rules the roost as her husband’s dominant. With a desire to capture her sexuality on film for later use in a particularly dastardly tease, Chloe submits to her mistress in an earth-shattering display that will leave any audience yearning to feel the same pleasures…

Featuring the tale of not one, but two submissives – Cassidy and Douglas – who had never met before entering Mistress Simone’s dungeon, were given the opportunity to share an intense afternoon of corporal punishment that included bondage, flogging, caning, and more that would prove to open up their eyes to their own desires in a way that two quiet strangers from rural America would’ve otherwise never even imagined.

Experience life under the whip with an incredible guide as femdom extraordinaire Mistress Elizabeth Simone shares a glimpse into her erotic lair through the eyes of the submissives who worship at her feet…


TAGS: bdsm, bondage, discipline, femdom, spanking

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