The loss of control is but the simple click of a padlock away in these sensual stories that feature the dominant women in their men’s lives taking control – sometimes reluctantly but often quite eagerly!

From romance to infidelity to leather-clad domination, enjoy every ounce of tease, torture, and denial in these sexy tales…

Fun with Chastity
Long-distance relationships are always a challenge, but when one young co-ed suggests kicking their kinky playtimes up a notch by enslaving her boyfriend in a steel chastity belt during the week, he couldn’t help but bow down in submission and give himself over to her unconditionally…

The Plastic Anniversary
Christi couldn’t help but admit that she was feeling a little naughty when she ordered her newlywed husband a chastity belt to celebrate their first anniversary together … the thought of male chastity seemed like the perfect teaser to spice up their romantic getaway and for all she knew, that was only the beginning!

One Last Tease…
David finds himself on an unexpected kinky adventure as his ex-girlfriend shows up to drop off his personal effects and ends up locking him up in chastity for one last night of tease and denial while he buys her the finest lingerie and leathers that he knows he’ll never touch again…

New to Chastity
After being taken off guard when she first discovers her boyfriend’s chastity fetish, Kelly quickly learns how she can exploit it to her own advantage as they pay a very provocative visit to their local adult toy store so that she can choose his replacement while he’s locked up!

Monica’s Chastity Challenge
12 months under lock and key is the agreement that they came to and right from the very start, she’s going to make sure that he suffers through every last drop of this exciting display of tease and denial as a submissive man commits himself to chastity … and to her…

Just remember as you hand over your own chastity key to that special someone – control is a whole lot easier to give up than it is to take back


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