The Locked in Lust Pleasure Pack – “Her pleasure comes first … and second, and third!”

When Jeffrey saw it on the shelves of his local adult toy shop, he knew right away that it would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for his wife, Melanie, even if admittedly it also made him a bit nervous at the same time.

A red plastic chastity cage for him, a sleek, matching vibrator for her … with the added kinky bonus that the woman would be able to control how long he was to remain locked up for by the amount of fun she had with the vibrator!

As the salesgirl said, ”Your wife is going to love this…”


A few minutes had passed before Melanie amusingly announced with a laugh, “Now this is neat – apparently I can manually control the lock on your cage, so if I wanted to set it for, say, 6 MONTHS…”

His wife tapped a few buttons on her watch and then smiled broadly as she held it up for him to see TIME REMAINING – 6 MONTHS displayed in the center of the screen.

“Good god, I’ve created a monster!” Jeffrey replied in shock as he pulled into the mall parking lot and anxiously searched for a spot while out of the corner of his eye he was relieved to see her then lowering the timer back down to the one day that it had been set at previously.

“Just shows that you’d better be on your best behavior…” Melanie warned with a grin as her husband then opened her car door and the couple walked hand in hand into the shopping center while his dick continued to twitch with a certain nervousness inside of its programmable prison.

As the two wandered the first handful of stores to check out their Valentine’s specials, the wife eventually spoke up with a suggestion…

“You know, I’m feeling a little underdressed here with you in your sexy, new cage…” she started.

“…so you want a cage for yourself?” he interrupted her with a chuckle before getting the look as she reached for her watch as if to penalize him on the spot for his bad joke.

“Not quite,” she laughed, “but it’s been a while since I’ve bought any lingerie. Maybe I should pick something out to tease you with while we’re here!”

“Well, I can’t hardly turn down that idea…” Jeffrey agreed with a smile as they continued on until they reached a rather popular lingerie store where the husband then fell behind his wife’s lead and was quickly relegated to carrying her purse as she began to peruse the lacy unmentionables while he followed with a small ache growing inside of his cage.

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