Fun with Chastity

“You didn’t say anything about teasing!”

“Just a fair warning – if you ever ask me about when I’m going to unlock you, you’re probably not going to like the answer that I give you…”

Long-distance relationships are always a challenge, but when one young co-ed suggested kicking their kinky playtimes up a notch by enslaving her boyfriend in a steel chastity belt during the week, he couldn’t help but bow down in submission and give himself over to her unconditionally.

“You won’t get your gratification immediately – where’s the fun in that?! Instead I’m going to make you wait for it all night long, bound and helpless in the middle of my bed, and if you put up too much of a fuss, don’t think that I won’t gag you before I nod off to sleep, too! I’ll be sure to have a pair of my panties good and juicy for you, so that you can taste me in your dreams all night long.”


“Oh no,” she taunted, “I can see that you’ve got a lot to learn about denial, my pet. I want you to ache for me behind those steel bars, so no – I wouldn’t count on getting a blowjob again anytime soon…”

Beth leaned in to just barely graze my lips with hers before releasing her grasp and walking over to the refrigerator. I shuddered as I realized her plan, watching her fill a tall glass with nothing but ice cubes before returning to my side and declaring, “You’ve got until I get the waist belt situated to do it yourself, otherwise I’m doing it…”

With that Beth retrieved the belt from the counter and kneeled down before me, and soon I felt the foreign steel wrap around my waist as the band fit almost perfectly with little adjustment needed.

“Are you sure you didn’t measure this for me when I was sleeping???” I asked jokingly as she made the minor adjustments required for a truly perfect fit, to which she sung without looking up from her work, “I’ll never tell…”

Hearing the final click snap into place, I knew what was coming next on account of my erection actually growing harder, if anything, and before I could protest Beth had saturated my crotch with cold … first raising the glass up to rest my hanging balls directly onto the ice, followed by running two more cubes in her other hand up and down the shaft until it had shriveled back to its typical, post cold shower glory.

Despite my protests on account of her hands still being quite cold even after putting down the ice, she was able to easily slip my now flaccid penis into its awaiting chamber and then click the final apparatus into place within the belt. Quick to dart over to the table to retrieve the small padlock that she had removed earlier, before the words fell from my mouth to ask the question, a resounding *click* echoed through the kitchen and I knew that it was done…

"The teasing is the best part!" - Fun with Chastity
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