What would you sacrifice to be at the whim of not one, but two beautiful women???

Billy had learned quite early on when he’d first started dating Christi that she was incredibly close with her sister, Katie … the two meeting up for coffee and shopping regularly and texting constantly in between, and as he and Christi had quickly grown closer together, he found himself bonding with Katie just the same.

She was playful, and spunky, and though he’d never admit it to his wife, she had a body that could make him hard for days … that is, until their newfound game of chastity unexpectedly became public knowledge without ever granting Billy the opportunity to protest…


“I might have accidentally mentioned your little chastity cage to Katie,” Christi had eloquently announced to him over an otherwise romantic dinner one evening just after the waiter had filled up their wine glasses.

“You know how nosy Katie can be – she saw your key hanging on my necklace, noticed how it’s not exactly ornamental like a traditional pendant, and so she wanted to know what was so important that I had to wear it around my neck for safe keeping…”

“And so you told her that you keep your husband locked up in chastity?” he asked quietly with a raised eyebrow.

“I told my sister that my husband came to me with an intensely emotional fantasy that he’d been harboring about how he longed to submit to a strong and dominant woman by giving her control over his sex, and how pleasing to me I’d found it in allowing him to embrace his submission by worshipping his sexy wife using only his tongue after I’d locked a hard, plastic cage around his tiny dick.”

“In fact,” the tantalizing woman continued seductively, “my sister liked what she heard so much that she wants to see this predicament that you’ve submitted yourself to with her own eyes!”

“She wants to see you down on your hands and knees, licking the bottoms of my feet while your penis dangles uselessly restrained between your legs…”

“And because you know how I share everything with my sister,” Christi continued, boasting a wicked smile, “I’m going to let her see what this is all about.”

"How's your little locked dick doing today?"
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