Pleasure Suit Fantasy

The Ultimate Fantasy Orgasmic Experience!

Jen expected a wild night when she decided to tag along with her friend Katrina to a local nightclub’s fetish night, however when they discover a special booth featuring virtual reality BDSM simulations personalized to their every desire, these girls can’t get suited up in sexy latex catsuits and strapped in fast enough!

Would you choose an experience that’s steamy and romantic like Jen or filled with erotic discipline and delight like Katrina???


Jen couldn’t help but smile as she felt the sexy, metallic material contouring itself almost perfectly to her shapely legs as she gently worked her way upward until it slipped past her knees and then gradually her thighs and finally rested around her waist.

“Have you ever worn anything like this???” Jen asked her friend as the tight latex settled in around her crotch, surprised as she didn’t even feel the strange bumps that she knew were hidden inside of the material against her aroused sex.

Katrina laughed.

“Well, not exactly!”

“I have a pair of latex underwear that I used to pull out from time to time for a special friend, but they were nowhere nearly as intense as this!”

As the girls continued in parallel to work the tight latex up their bodies, they began to realize what their host had hinted at about having an extra set of hands as they helped each other slide their arms into the long sleeves of the sexy, metallic catsuits, almost too excited to take pause as the cool latex came into contact with their bare breasts, as if by magic conforming to each girl’s unique curves and making both look outstanding just the same until eventually all that was left was for them to guide the long zippers up each other’s backs to finalize the latex’s relentless hug around their nude bodies…

“I think…” Jen began as she turned to look herself in the mirror on the back of the changing room door, “…I kind of like it!”

Katrina smiled proudly as she grabbed the latex polish from a nearby shelf and chimed, “Oh, we’re not done yet…”

"You love this, don't you, slut?!"
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