Sometimes it’s even sexier to be denied the thing that you want the most, whether it be with a simple tease or even a custom-made, steel chastity belt designed to one’s precise specifications to ensure that not even the slightest arousal goes unpunished and release is all but impossible without possession of the very key that she wears around her ankle as a not-so-subtle reminder.

What’s it like to both crave and be crazed by that tease that leaves you perpetually on edge???

  • In Weekend Plans, one chastity slave receives a romantic letter from his dominant girlfriend telling him in no uncertain terms what exactly she plans to do to him when they get together in the near future…
  • In Unexpectedly Interrupted, we bear witness to one man’s kink for chastity getting discovered when his girlfriend walks in on him looking at chastity porn, leading her in anger to order his greatest fantasy (and biggest fear) for him right there on the spot…
  • A New Bond Between Keyholding Wives shows us the devious partnership that evolves when two wives begin to collaborate in the domination of their respective husbands and even chat about bringing them together in one dungeon to better learn from one another!
  • And in Becoming Alaina… and Cruising with Alaina… we see the transformation of a modern housewife to the bitchy, manipulative dominatrix that her husband craves, complete with a desire to punish and control him in every aspect of their lives, leading up to a very special erotic vacation at sea that will have him groveling at her newly-pedicured feet at every port.

A total of 9 erotic short stories in this sampler explore domination through chastity as dominant women take charge and put their submissive partners under the lock and key that they forever fantasize about, incorporating everything from tease and denial, discipline, and even a bit of cuckolding into their new routines.

Be sure to check out our entire line of KinkyWriter Erotic Samplers for even more samples of everything from bondage and domination erotica to also chastity, cuckolding, fetishes, and even a hint of romantic restraint for the discerning kinkster!

More Books in This Series…

  1. Dark Fantasies
  2. Romantic Restraints
  3. Bound & Tormented
  4. Leather & Lust
  5. Intense Domination
  6. Sweet Submission
  7. Locked & Controlled

TAGS: bdsm, bondage, chastity, discipline, domination, femdom, roleplaying, romantic, tease and denial

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