What would you wear if you were going to cuckold your husband tonight???

Now I’m a fashion junkie by nature and my husband already buys me more shoes than I’m sure he can probably stand, but there was just something special about this new element that I’d never even considered. The thought of dressing for a man was something that I hadn’t done for so long, and it caught me off guard at the idea of just how sexy it could be … especially in this new context when the man was someone other than your own husband…

Reading these other girls talk about buying new lingerie, or even having their husbands buy lingerie for their date nights got me thinking about how I would answer the question for myself. I wanted to post, but the more excited I got, I realized that a shopping trip was in order…

…strictly for research purposes, of course!


“How tight do you want it?”

“How tight do girls normally wear them?”

“They usually look the best cinched all the way up…”

“Then cinch me up!” I told her with a purr to my voice as I fell in love with the leather that began to hug my middle slowly and sensually as the girl behind me pulled the laces tighter and tighter. The look I saw in the mirror was immediate and fierce, and as I felt her continuing to pull I felt like some of the sexy models that I’d admired earlier – powerful, confident, in control.

The salesgirl smiled approvingly when she knotted the laces behind me, then offered to help me put on the silky black stockings that she had brought me as well. The taut feeling around my thighs as I stood there silently while she fastened each of the garters to the new stockings on my legs felt absolutely divine, to be topped only by her final comment when she noted that all I was missing was the shoes and then asked if she could do the honors of slipping on my new boots to complete the look as well.

“Wow!” we both exclaimed together as I stood back up and took my place in the center of the mirrors, wrapping in leather indulgence as I towered in the boots that unequivocally brought the outfit together to a jaw-dropping halt. With the waist cincher hugging me tight and drawing even more attention to my boobs, I felt like the girl in that seductive reveal who just stops her man dead in his tracks before laying her out on the bed and fucking her senseless.

Never before had I dressed that sexy, but it just felt right!

“Your boyfriend is sure going to love you tonight!”

There was that phrase again – your boyfriend. Not my husband, but my boyfriend … a subtle, harmless distinction to most, yet I felt myself blushing more than ever as I considered what it meant to me in light of my recent curiosities!

“Do you think he’ll like it?” I heard myself ask the girl softly as I inspected my every angle in the mirror, my mind overcome with emotion as I seemed to take a step back and allowed the fantasy to play…


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