Waiting Up for Michelle

“Going out dancing tonight – wait up for me.”

Matthew’s heart began to race as he saw the text message from his wife Michelle pop up on his iPhone.  The last time he waited up for his wife, his ass had been sore for a week…

Of course, in reality he loved every minute of it, but much like her seemingly-innocent text message, it was something that was kept close-knit between the two of them.  To the rest of the world, Matthew and Michelle seemed like any other young couple – they had just gotten married a year ago, both were doing quite well in their careers, and eventually they hoped to buy a house and start a family … but behind closed doors, their dynamic was in fact very different.

Michelle had always been a very dominant woman – all through growing up, she became very accustomed to getting whatever she wanted, and eventually as she blossomed, she learned that there was a sexual component to her personality as well.  During college she experimented as any curiously naughty woman did, and after a while of experiencing a variety of ropes and restraints and whips and paddles from both perspectives, she eventually decided that she enjoyed being on the giving rather than the receiving end of such predicaments…

Matthew, on the other hand, was very submissive by nature, even if he hadn’t known it until he met Michelle and she was able to coax it out of him.  She always said that turning him on to her lifestyle was her greatest achievement, often remarking to her closest of friends with pride that a true husband not only carries his wife’s shopping bags, but later also polishes her new footwear purchases with his tongue as well!  Having taken to serving her so naturally from the moment that they met, she was always looking for new and exciting ways to dominate him all the more.

In this case, “wait up for me” had been established as a code to indicate that she’d be home late, but that he was to be ready waiting for her to play when she returned.  The first time they had tried this, she had simply gone out for a few drinks after work, but was nonetheless pleasantly surprised when she came home to find that her husband had gone all out for her return, finding a way to spread-eagle himself to the bed in a manner that there was no possible way for him to escape without her own help.  Impressed by his efforts, from there a challenge was born as she demanded that he bind himself more and more strictly with each attempt, to the point where it became a game to her to find something that could’ve been tighter or more severe so that she could punish him accordingly for it.

Admittedly a bit of a dark side emerged in her as the exchange encouraged Michelle to find exceedingly devilish ways of tormenting her husband at the culmination of each evening, but it became clear as his submission intensified with each stride that he enjoyed seeing their relationship rise to new heights just as much as she did.  Belts and other homemade bondage toys were eventually traded up for intricate leather restraints with locking buckles while Michelle’s wardrobe saw little black dresses replaced by their tight leather counterparts that helped to further set the mood for their ravenous playtime together, with each new encounter even more adventurous than the last…

While Matthew would be at home busily “preparing” for her return, Michelle sought to engage in a little foreplay of her own in the form of drinks and dancing out with her girlfriends at a nightclub that she still treasured from her single days.  The dark atmosphere, the rhythmic music, the sexy men and women out in their finest, not to mention just the energy around the room really did a number for shrugging off stress and taking her back to the wild days of her college life.  A few hours dancing and even a little flirting did wonders for building her attitude up to that of the confident domme who had a man bound at home waiting for her, and even that was before her friends started to play along as well!

Quite the mischievous bunch even on their own, her closest of friends had taken a keen interest in these wild, sexual escapades of hers after “accidentally” seeing a few random photos of her man in “compromising positions” on her cell phone.  Although not willing to spill out all of the raunchy details about their hidden fetishes, Michelle did hint that these nights of theirs did serve an ulterior motive, and from then on the other four took it upon themselves to keep their friend’s fire roaring vicariously with a steady stream of fruity drinks and promiscuous dance partners in hopes of more pictures of Matthew’s freshly spanked ass framed in black leather.  It was as if every night out was a recurrence of Michelle’s bachelorette party all over again, and she found that those wild nights brought her into the perfect mood to put her submissive husband in his place once she finally returned home…

To concoct a new method of restraint worthy of his wife’s attention in only a few hours not surprisingly left Matthew more than a bit preoccupied for the remainder of the afternoon.  Taking the remainder of his work day to consider her previous critiques and how he could use their latest leather purchases to improve, Matthew raced home at the stroke of 5:00pm to prepare the predicament that would leave him open and vulnerable to his devious wife in a matter of hours.  Plenty of tight leather, a hint or two of pain, and a position that would test his endurance like none prior, he made his meticulous arrangements before settling down to eat a light dinner and wait for her next message.

“See you soon…”

Three simple words that meant it was almost show time, Matthew took one look at the time and then went to work implementing his own torment.  After having his last bondage scenario criticized for being “far too comfortable” after Michelle had found him once again bound to their plush bed, this predicament would prove to put his muscles to the test as he would be restrained standing in an archway near the entrance to their home.  Everything had been laid out so precisely – a strict leather hood, some bondage mitts for his hands, and even a waist cincher after a few playful comments about him “getting a little round in the middle,” not to mention a couple of torturous ideas that he had a feeling he’d later be regretting.

The time was now – typically it would take her about an hour to walk through the door from the time she sent her message, but he didn’t dare find out how their evening would twist if he wasn’t ready when she arrived home!

After stripping completely naked, Matthew first took the heavy waist cincher and wrapped it around his torso.  He’d learned the tricks from lacing Michelle’s corsets many times of how to cinch it down both even and tight, already pausing for a moment to catch his breath as he felt his heart rate beginning to rise.  Checking in the mirror behind him, he gave one final tug to cinch up any slack in hopes of pleasing his wife, then knotted the ends behind his back.  Slowly running his fingertips down the tight leather encircling his waist, he quickly found himself caught up in the moment and vowed to get back on track so that he could finish prior to her arrival.

Next up was a rather torturous item that he hoped to earn bonus points for – a leather parachute that wrapped around his balls and allowed for small weights to be hung below … but again in the interest of meeting Michelle’s sinister expectations, this wasn’t just any parachute. Inside the leather was an array of sharp, metal spikes that would drive sharply into his balls as the weights increased – he briefly flashed back to an evening when Michelle had opted to hang her cell phone from the chains below, which she would then periodically call from her perch nearby on the couch, laughing with delight as the vibrations caused the spikes to dance around his most sensitive of regions.  Unsure even now of how much weight to place on them, he quickly applied the parachute and tried to move on to his next piece of bondage in hopes of distracting himself from their impending pain…

His final position was going to be a bit tricky, as he intended to stand beneath the arch with his hands bound above his head, also wearing a tight hood to block out his vision.  This created problems because it would be difficult to make his final arrangements without being able to see, but knowing that the end result would (hopefully) be worth the effort, Matthew arranged as many of the items as possible ahead of time so that he needed little movement once blinded to complete his bondage.  Having constructed a system of pulleys to help secure his wrists above him once they were locked into the mittens, he knew it was time to say goodbye to a number of his senses all at once with the addition of the leather hood.

Although it sometimes made him nervous, Michelle absolutely loved playing with hoods … and maybe that was part of why she enjoyed it so much.  She had told him that the ability to have such adverse affects over him with a single device, eliminating sight, sound, taste, smell, and even overwhelming his sense of touch with the tight, unrelenting bondage, was extremely appealing to her, and it wasn’t uncommon for her to have him wearing one more often than not during their games.  Sometimes she used one that had a long zipper down the front that she could open to see his eyes when she so desired, but the one that he’d be wearing tonight was a much more hardcore version that completely wrapped his head in tight leather with no holes except for two tiny grommets under his nose for breathing.  Further restraint was enforced by a myriad of straps that pressed the blindfold and gag tightly against him, and even acted as a collar for one – all of these straps could be locked down tight with a series of padlocks, the keys to which Michelle carried around on a small ring in the bottom of her purse…

Doing one last check to ensure that everything he would need was plainly in reach, Matthew brought the hood over his head and adjusted it squarely before he began to cinch it down.  Being such a hood fanatic herself, Michelle had pointed out a number of times that his self lacing needed to be tighter – from her perspective, there was still room to go if the eyelets along the back weren’t touching, despite how secure it may have felt on the inside.  For this reason, he spent a considerable amount of time to get it right this time, returning back to the top and starting over a number of times to remove even more slack one cross at a time as the leather creaked deafeningly around his head.  When he finally felt that it was as tight as could be, Matthew quickly cinched down the corresponding straps, gulping as the large, phallic gag was driven into his mouth, and finally secured them all down with the three shiny padlocks that he had placed nearby.

His world now consisting of more leather than not, Matthew took another moment to embrace and accept his surroundings before preparing for his final steps.  First was to add some actual weights to the parachute hugging his ball sack not at all gently – he whimpered briefly to himself, picturing the handful of lead weights that he held in his hand.  Not entirely sure how he’d be able to handle all of the bondage put together, he was reluctant to go too heavy with them, seeing as he’d be unable to remove them once his hands had been secured overhead, but then again, picturing Michelle looking him up and down for the first time, fresh in from a night of dancing and seduction, he could just hear her commenting about “not even trying” in his head as he crouched down and hung one after another along the ring that dangled from the parachute.

Eventually, he braced himself and just added the rest in one fell swoop, wincing as they swung back and forth, reminding him of just how sharp the tacks inside the parachute really were!

Quick now to finish his restraints before he somehow changed his mind, he retrieved the mitts and began to fit the first one over his left fist.  Knowing that buckling the other was going to be much more difficult without the use of either of his hands, he made an extra effort to cinch the first down tight, taking note of just how useless the leather mitten made his hand as it bunched his fingers up into a tight fist.  Clicking another padlock down on the first to lock it in place, he then took the second mitten and began to wriggle his hand into it as best he could.  Although he didn’t expect to get it nearly as tight, he had anticipated somewhat and left an extra hook nearby to leverage for support, and after a considerable amount of fighting, he finally felt the buckle slip into place and lay flush against his wrist.  He wouldn’t be able to lock the second cuff on, but at least it seemed for the most part snug and secure…

The last and final step of Matthew’s presentation, and also the very beginning of a new journey that would only end when Michelle wanted it to end, was for him to take his position standing in the archway, waiting for his wife’s return.  Blind, gagged, and hands free, he was already helpless in a manner of speaking, but it was nothing without the final restraints that would leave him open, aching, and vulnerable to whatever wicked torments she had in store for him.  Would she be in a playful mood, teasing him sensuously before taunting him with her own orgasms one after another, or would she be in more of a punishing mood, using her favorite cane to decorate his ass a painful red, all the while adding even more weights to the excruciating device he had chosen to wrap around his balls???

Or maybe she would opt to simply kick off her heels and just watch, letting the bondage of his own choosing become increasingly agonizing over time while she watched her favorite chick flicks into the wee hours of the night.  Anything was possible, and yet he knew deep down that there was no going back – not that he’d want to even if there was…

Feeling around the arch with his leather-wrapped hands, he found himself standing roughly in the center of the archway, and was also instantly reminded of one last devious scheme which he had thought to add at the last minute.  After reading about how painful simple white rice could be when met with pressure on sensitive areas of the body like knees and feet, he’d thought on a whim to test out this theory by throwing down several handfuls of rice onto the tile floor where he would be standing.  While his feet wouldn’t necessarily be bound, he thought that the rice might add an interesting discomfort to the scenario, and he was right. Between his balls and his feet, the pain was beginning to intensify, but he knew that he had to press on.

Matthew’s final step was to secure his hands above his head, which he planned to do so via a system of clips and pulleys to keep his arms nice and taut until Michelle arrived.  He’d designed the pulleys with a simple, one-way tension that was weighted against him, so that once he lifted his hands into place, the pulleys would pull up the slack and that would be the end of it.

Understandably fumbling a bit for the clips on each side, Matthew paused for a series of deep breaths to center himself as he prepared for his restraints.  As he allowed himself to finally be completely overwhelmed by not only the leather and the pain, but also the anticipation of what was soon to come when Michelle returned home, he felt a calm come over himself as he began to envision his stunning, blonde goddess in his head.  She looked like someone off of a page in a magazine, glowing happily after a great night out with friends and yet also pleased with what she came home to find waiting for her.

Instinctively as he pictured her examining him for the first time, he raised his hands up to the ceiling submissively and felt the pulleys rapidly taking up the slack as he went.  He continued to rise up until his arms were fully outstretched above his head, almost stopping until the mental image of his wife got an evil grin on her face.  Taking the riding crop in her hand to the back of his heels, she hinted for him to move up on his toes as if he was wearing high heels like hers, and as the pulleys continued and pulled up that slack as well, he heard her laugh with glee before disappearing from his head and thrusting him back into the reality at hand…

Taut as a bowstring with weights hanging from his balls and a heavy head encased in leather, Matthew felt his muscles stretch like never had before as he realized the true severity of the predicament that he had now created.  Shifting his feet to avoid the rice only caused the hanging weights to swing all the more, and trying to relieve stress on his arms merely stretched his calves even further as the pulleys continued to work above and beyond his original intentions.  The cold leather around his waist and head were his reminders of things to come, associating the tight leather with his wife on the most basic levels of domination.  Now all that was left to do was to wait for her return home, and then even as strained as his position was already, that’s when their game would truly begin!

Although it seemed like much longer to her husband, about twenty minutes later Michelle walked in and found her prize that she too had been anticipating all night long.  Her spiked heels clicking across the tile floor the only sound that penetrated the tight leather hood, Matthew visibility gasped at her first touch as she reached out to caress the cincher around his waist.  Michelle smiled contently as she continued her inspection, impressed that he had finally taken to heart her demands about lacing a tight hood and also curious about the weights that hung gingerly from his balls.  Nudging it with the toe of her shoe to keep its swing going while also digging sharply into his left nipple with a sharp fingernail, she glowed as he erupted a moan that sent tingles of joy through her entire body.

Chuckling as she stepped away momentarily to hang up her coat, she quickly returned with a riding crop in hand, intent on making him dance to put that spiked parachute to good use.  As she approached, her eyes took to his wrists and noticed that while he was wearing the new bondage mittens that she had picked out, only one of them had been secured with one of her padlocks.  Although she understood the logistics why, she shook her head in a scolding manner as she took the final padlock and stood up on her tip-toes to put it in place with a soft click.

With her man now thoroughly secured as the keys to his bonds lay in her purse in the other room, one final deviant thought crossed her mind as she kicked the shoes from her sore feet off and instead of just leaving them in the corner, she took the sleek, patent leather spikes with a grin and hung them one by one from the parachute right alongside the weights that were already causing him considerable torment.  Pleased with herself as further groans erupted from her tortured man, she snapped a few quick pictures with her phone before retrieving her crop and introducing it sharply to his inner thigh…

Later the next day as a picture of Michelle’s high heels hanging from Matthew’s balls began to circulate on her girlfriends’ phones, it wasn’t long before their next girl’s night was already on the books.

Although Michelle initially offered to give Matthew two weeks to allow him plenty of time to recover, his convincing argument eventually persuaded her to do it a week earlier…


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