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Chastity Erotica

I Love You … in Chastity

9 months ago

The Locked in Lust Pleasure Pack – “Her pleasure comes first … and second, and third!”

Sneak Peeks

I Love You … in Chastity

9 months ago

“Go put the cage on and let’s give this thing a whirl!”

Story Vault

The Countdown

10 months ago

“Was it almost midnight already???”

Erotic Vignettes

Sweet Leather Longings…

10 months ago

He knew that those brown leather leggings were made for Caroline’s ass the moment he saw them…

Character Blogs

Hogtied by the Fire for Christmas…

11 months ago

“I love getting tied up at Christmastime!”

(free holiday preview)

Free Stories

Pumpkin Spice Bondage

1 year ago

“I’ve been saving this for a rainy day, or rather a grumpy day in your case!”

(for Smutathon 2020)

Did You Know...

Did You Know #Fetish?! – Santa Claus Edition

2 years ago
Cover Preview for The Birthday Cuckold (by KinkyWriter)
Cuckolding Erotica

The Birthday Cuckold

6 years ago

“Is my birthday boy ready to unwrap his first gift???”

Cover Preview for Tragically Erotique (by KinkyWriter)
Bundles & Collections

Tragically Erotique

7 years ago

Warning: Not for the faint of heart or the timidly submissive…

Cover Preview for The Halloween Cuckold (by KinkyWriter)
Cuckolding Erotica

The Halloween Cuckold

7 years ago

“If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll lead you around the party on a leash and you can show all of my friends what a good slave boy you are for me…”