About the Writer

Both kink and erotica hold a very special place in my heart.

For kink, it was my first exposure to sexuality that really appealed to me in a way that I couldn’t explain, yet forever strived to learn more about.

For erotica, long before the multimedia Internet became what it is today, words and stories were my primary guide as I began to explore this strange new world of handcuffs and leather and corsets and oh, so much much more… 😉

So fast-forward a couple of decades, I write kinky erotica on the Internet.

I write about people’s fantasies and hidden desires, about domination and submission and power exchange and control, about the dirty secrets that get people off … even if they might be too ashamed to admit it. I write these stories both because I enjoy writing them, and also because other people out there around the world – people who I’ll likely never meet in real life – enjoy and have been able to connect with my stories, too.

Sometimes it’s just to get off, which is great.

Sometimes it’s to explore these strange desires that they have just as I did once myself.

Sometimes it’s to try and find a way to share their fantasies with a partner.

Sometimes it’s because they can’t seem to share their fantasies with their partner.

Erotica can be a fantasy, an escape, a learning experience, or any number of other things all rolled up into one. Words are fun like that and because writing is my thing, this is what makes sense for me to contribute to the world of kink by means of my own dirty thoughts. 🙂

If you saw me on the street, we’d probably pass each other by without a second glance. I’ve got a spouse, and a family, and a dog – we all live together in the suburbs of Central Florida where we spend equal amounts of time enjoying our local beaches and all of the nearby theme parks. My kink doesn’t define me, but it’s an important part of who I am nonetheless…

BDSM and the kinks and fetishes that I explore in my stories are complex parts of sexuality by themselves, and learning what they mean to you can be complicated, to say the least. I’m certainly still very much learning myself, but for now I know that I enjoy writing them down and sharing them online for others to read and enjoy themselves, and frankly if I look back to where I first started myself that seems pretty cool!

So whatever reason brings you to KinkyWriter.com as you browse through my tales of bondage and domination, chastity, cuckolding, and all sorts of frighteningly delicious things, if it helps … know that I’m a regular person at the other end of this keyboard just like you are.

I enjoy writing kinky erotica, and you enjoy reading it.

The rest will work itself out over time… 😉