The Best of, vol. 1

Indulge in this special collection of reader favorites!

Before there was the ever-expanding collection of erotic books that began in 2013, started many years prior simply as a humble website dedicated to sharing the author’s kinky fantasies about all things bondage and fetish oriented. Stories like…

  • A Special Fitting, in which we meet a young woman preparing to pick-up the custom corset that she’s been anticipating for quite some time
  • A Birthday Dress Made of Leather…, which features one roommate taking advantage of another’s fetish by putting him to task lacing up her new birthday dress, and a little more
  • Waiting Up for Michelle flaunts the dedication of one submissive husband who prepares for a night of passion by engaging in bondage before her return
  • Unlocking a Whole New World in Chastity showcases an up and coming dominant young lady who’s just beginning to embrace the joys of male chastity for the first time
  • And Playing Dress-Up at the Mall serves as a quaint reminder to what can happen when secrets leak out among girlfriends about interests in cross-dressing and bondage

A total of 10 kinky tales make up this nostalgic dive into the archives to look at some of the most popular reader favorites the site has seen to date, so consider this book to be an open invitation to stop by and see what other kinky gems long-time fans have been heartily enjoying over the years!


TAGS: bdsm, bondage, chastity, corsets, crossdressing, femdom, leather fetish, submission

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Exploring the world of kink through the written word, KinkyWriter writes erotic fiction about bondage and fetishes, domination, chastity, cuckolding, and more!
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