“Are you going to be a good, little cuckold for me while I’m gone?”

After years of being begged by her husband to cuckold him, Sarah was finally living up to his every fantasy … and learning how to truly enjoy them for herself, too!

From submitting him to stringent bondage and steel chastity while she’s out with her lover to savoring every moment of him pampering and preparing her prior to her dates, Sarah relishes the naughty lifestyle that she’s discovered and finds every new act of dominance and submission as a means to push her own sexual awakening to new heights and even more delicious climaxes!


“You don’t actually have to buy me a new pair of shoes here – I know that this place is really expensive.”

Unable to look away as his eyes scanned the iconic, red-bottomed soles of the stiletto heels in the store’s window, he eventually met eyes with his wife and confessed, “It’s just that … I’ve always had this fantasy of you wearing a pair of really sexy, expensive boots…”

“…for another guy?” Sarah finished his sentence with a raised eyebrow.

Sarah thought for a moment, then turned and proposed, “Your bonus that you just got – the one you were going to use to buy a new gaming computer – that would probably be enough to pay for those boots for me.”

He looked back at his wife humbly and nodded.

“And let me be clear,” she continued, “that if you buy me these boots, I’m only wearing them for other men – not for you.”

“I’ll wear them next weekend with my new lingerie for my date with Jason,” she said bluntly.

“Hell, I’ll probably keep them on all night while he fucks me.”

“But they’re not for you,” she emphasized.

“Don’t be surprised if I don’t even let you kiss them or take them off my feet later.”

“Do you think you can handle that kind of denial???”

"If you buy me these boots, I'm only wearing them for other men - not for you."
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