An Introduction to Boot Worship

“So what do you think of my new boots?!”

A new pair of sexy, leather boots inspires Courtney’s dominant side to toy with her boyfriend’s boot fetish, leaving him little choice but to drop to his knees and worship the devious woman’s footwear in ways that before were only found in his fantasies.

“You know, there’s only one thing that these boots are missing … your tongue.”


I then watched as she lifted her left foot and placed the toe of her boot onto my mouth before glancing down again with another roll of her eyes before sinking back into the couch, chiming, “How’s that taste for ya?!” as she gently rubbed her toe over my lips…

Courtney’s amused laughter transformed into my soundtrack as I took my first deep breath and found myself overwhelmed by the scent of leather mixed sweetly with her own perfume that seemed to tease and taunt me right along with her enjoyment while I stared up at her expensive, new footwear, seemingly helpless but to wait for her next command.

“Stick out your tongue…”

I tasted some dirt, but thankfully mostly just the rough sole of the boot as Courtney generously rubbed her toe against my tongue as if she were rubbing out a cigarette butt, her amusement becoming more vocal as she occasionally leaned forward to see the look on my face before leaning back once more in anonymous, domineering comfort.

“Now suck on the heel…”

Her smile grew almost devious as she watched me carefully wrap my lips and tongue around the sharp, stiletto heel as she leaned in closer, no doubt beside herself as she then began to rock the boot back and forth as her high heel slipped in and out of my lips in a rather phallic display of submission.

“Look at you!”“ she exclaimed as my taste of her boot heel continued. “You’re loving this!!!”

Though I felt physically incapable of sitting up to see for myself in my current predicament, I didn’t need to as I could feel myself now flying at full mast without either of us having touched it for even a moment.

“I’m not sure if I want you getting that much enjoyment out of this…” Courtney then laughed before abruptly pulling her heel out of my mouth and then, after taking a moment to center them just so, unwittingly I suddenly felt both of my nipples on fire at once as she jabbed her stiletto heels into them both in unison, letting out a somewhat disturbing cackle as I groaned painfully in response.

“Does that hurt, my slave?!” she feigned sympathy for me as she stared down into my eyes while settling the heels of her boots into a comfortable position. The bright smile on her lips seemed only to drive her taunt even deeper as she randomly wiggled her feet to further skewer my nipples, then giggled wholeheartedly each time that I winced back in response while my eyes remained locked with hers.

“I think I’m starting to like these new boots – this is fun!”

"Stick out your tongue..."
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