“Leave it to you to be turned on by something like that…”

Distraught over the recent breakup with his girlfriend of nearly one year, David finds himself on an unexpected kinky adventure as she shows up a week later to drop off his personal effects and ends up locking him up in chastity for one last night of tease and denial while he buys her the finest lingerie and leathers that he knows he’ll never touch again…


“Before we go,” she chimed joyfully, “I think we need to do a little something just so that we both remember who’s in charge here…” Pointing down at the floor, she then ordered, “One kiss on each shoe, and don’t touch my feet…”

A moment later, adding, “You’re not allowed to touch me anymore – don’t forget that.”

The look in her eyes as she spoke the words gave me a shiver down my spine as I saw that she was enjoying her new position of power over me more than ever. At this point she had no reason to be gentle with me anymore, and it was rapidly becoming clear that she knew it, too. Sure, I could’ve protested and called the whole thing off, but there would’ve been nothing stopping her then from walking out the door with my keys still in her purse, and even when we were together, she had been quick to point out that taking a hacksaw to my cage would’ve been a very unwise move.

…that’s why she had selected that particular model, because she knew that eventually plastic could be broken, but steel – not so much…

As I got down on my knees and slowly brought my lips to my ex-girlfriend’s shiny, black oxfords, emotions flooded back as I was overwhelmed by the countless times that I had done that very act throughout the course of our relationship. I felt her glaring down at me just like she always did, and as I gently kissed the toe of each shoe, taking special care to avoid coming into contact with her skin, per her new directive, I felt that sense of ownership peaking once again as I gave myself over to this woman that I still was very much in love with, regardless of however she actually felt about me.

Standing back up, my head hung a little lower than usual as I kept my eyes locked on those shoes. At that very moment, I didn’t know what Anna was going to do to me, and at that very moment, I honestly didn’t care. I just wanted to serve her, in any capacity that she would have me, even if it meant a new level of humiliation that until just now had only seemed like playful banter.

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