2013 – a Year in Retrospect

So many different things to look at, and since this is actually the first time I’ve ever done something like this on KinkyWriter.com, let’s just dive right into the numbers… 🙂

Website Visitors
To say that 2013 was a banner year would be kind of an understatement, considering that this last year was the site’s best year ever, seeing 3.5x more pageviews than we saw in 2012 … which was also better than the previous year, and so forth!

That alone is kind of inspiring to me, simply to see traffic keep going up year after year because it tells me that you guys are actually enjoying the things that I write and keep coming back for more…


Where Are You From?


This is where Google Analytics gets kind of fun because not only does it tell me things like the top five countries who read my stories are…

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Germany
  4. Canada
  5. Australia

…but it also tells me that I’ve even got people who read my stories in Iceland and South Africa and Malaysia, not to mention some places where it might be kind of frowned upon by legal authorities to view adult content like Iran and China and South Korea.

Needless to say, I hope I didn’t get any of you in trouble in 2013 with my stories about chastity and obedience and good, old consensual foreplay, but keep fighting the good fight! 🙂

Most Popular Stories of 2013
So this one is kind of interesting because in looking at everything that I’ve ever written, A Special Fitting was still the favorite on the site for this year, despite my having published it way back in 2010! 😯

As for more recent stories, the top five most read stories written this year were as follows:

  1. A Sister-in-Law’s Revenge
  2. Latex for Her, Chastity for Him
  3. Lydia’s Game of Chance
  4. Unlocking a Whole New World in Chastity
  5. Perspectives: Cock Tease

Of course, lest we not forget that I also offer the option for readers to rate their favorite stories on my site, too, and if we consider those stars to be the basis for our popularity contest, here’s what that same top five looks like:

  1. 48 Hours in the Penalty Box (9.4)
  2. Monica’s Chastity Challenge (7.1)
  3. An Experiment in Cuckolding, Epilogue (10)
  4. Just a Game (9.5)
  5. Kim’s New Toy, Part 2 (9.4)

(note: the average ratings above look like they’re out of order, but in reality I had to weight them to account for some stories receiving more votes than others – for example, Story A getting an average of 8 stars over 5 votes ranks higher than Story B getting an average of 10 stars over only 1 vote)

New Stories
2013 was a busy year for me from a writing perspective! Believe it or not, during the last 12 months I wrote a total of 60 new stories which appeared on KinkyWriter.com … more than double the amount that I wrote in 2012 … and bringing the grand total on the site up to 118 kinky stories that you can read absolutely free!

That’s nearly a quarter of a million kinky words … kinda makes you wonder how long it’ll take to get that word count up into seven digits… 😉

If you were to ask me what my own personal favorite stories were from 2013 that I wrote, I would probably have to say:

  1. Rachel’s Weekly Web Show
  2. Locked at Her Feet
  3. First Steps…

New Books!
This has also been the first year that I’ve actually published books for you to buy containing my erotica, and a surprising number of you so far have already opted to indulge me in these efforts, for which let me assure you once again that I’m eternally grateful!


In total, I managed to put out three books this year, all of which in total contain 18 brand new stories that you won’t find here on this site, along with what will hopefully be the first of many long-form stories.

Truth be told, I’m also actually currently working on finishing up my fourth book which was technically supposed to be out in 2013 but just didn’t quite make it, but that one  is in fact my very first full-fledged chapter-based story that should end up clocking in at around 20,000 words and will pretty much bethe longest piece of erotica that I’ll have written to date … so look forward to that literally just about any minute now as we inch our way into 2014… 😀

For those who have bought any or all of my books so far, thank you, and for those who haven’t yet checked them out, I hope that you’ll give them a try because there will definitely be a lot more of them to come in 2014! I love writing all of the free stories that I post here on the site as well, and I’m certainly impressed by the gigantic leap that the graph I showed you earlier took here in 2013, but alas, I’m still told time and time again that I can’t pay my mortgage or electric bill in graphs that I make in Excel … my bank is kind of particular like that … and so the more books that I can put out there for fans to buy, well, let’s just say that in the long run it will work out better for everyone! 😉

This was another new feature that I started on the site just this year because I wanted a place where I could occasionally share other thoughts that aren’t necessarily fictional, when 140-characters on Twitter just won’t cut it! I’ve thought about creating a regular blog on the site, but I don’t want to detract too much from writing actual stories at this point so I thought this would be a good way to provide that outlet while also still limiting myself to one non-story post a month.

Overall what I can tell so far is that some folks enjoy this series and many just come here for the stories, which is perfectly ok, but for those that do enjoy my occasional commentary, here were the most popular editorials of 2013:

  1. 101 Kinky Things About Me
  2. It’s About Quality
  3. The Challenge of Finding Decent Bondage Gear

For 2014, I’ve already started kicking some ideas around for using my monthly editorial to share some more insight into my writing process itself – what goes into each story that I write, how I brainstorm ideas, and that sort of stuff, so if you’re interested in writing erotica yourself or are just curious as to how the burger gets made around here, then you might look forward to that in the months to come! 😉

So In Conclusion…
I hope that you enjoyed everything that made up 2013 from a KinkyWriter.com perspective because it ended up being my best year ever for the site (out of 4 years running) and this has really been a pivotal year of helping me determine what I want to do with my erotic writing going forward. I started dabbling with these stories a few years ago merely as a creative outlet and honestly didn’t really expect to make a dime off of them, whereas now four years later I’m making more off of them than I have off most of the other genres and venues that I’ve written for, and in 2014 I’ll be taking additional steps in the direction of quite possibly being able to write erotica full-time.

That’s really exciting for me, and seeing all of the numbers that I had to pull together for this post helps to reassure me that there’s still an audience that’s interested in quality erotica and not that boring stuff that many writers are crapping out right now just to make a quick buck. You all come to this site for the same reason that I sit down at the keyboard to write it – we all love a good, kinky story that highlights the fetishes and desires that we’re into, and I hope that I can continue to write the types of stories that *I* would want to read as we move into 2014 because they seem to be the types of stories that you want to read, too! :mrgreen:

Thanks again, everyone, for a truly awesome and inspiring 2013. Happy New Year!!!



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