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Show Me All Your Kinks

2 weeks ago

“See anything you like?”

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Fall Fashion Lust

4 weeks ago

“You know the rules – you start at my feet and earn your way up…”

(for Smutathon 2020)

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Blissfully Restrained

2 months ago

Through unyielding bondage comes inescapable freedom.

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Her Greatest Weakness

3 months ago

“So is your husband not giving you everything that you need???”

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Head to Toe

5 months ago

She loved the way that it smelled, she loved how it felt against her skin, she loved just about everything about it…

Cover Preview for Cuckold at Sea (by KinkyWriter)
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Chastity at Sea

6 months ago

Dan was impressed at how far his wife was coming along with embracing his humiliation in their cuckolding game…

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Leather Solitude

10 months ago

Give me the soothing isolation of a tight, leather bondage hood to block out all of the negativity and idiocy of the world…

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Strapped & Plugged

1 year ago

Gemma let out a deep sigh as she gently slid the 4” long, purple plug into her ass…

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Her Latest Prisoner

1 year ago

“I’d do just about anything to be tied up by a woman as sinister as you!”

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A Tight-Laced Game of Bondage

1 year ago

“I don’t know why I’m letting you do this to me…”

Cover Preview for FemDom Fatale Frenzy (by KinkyWriter)
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FemDom Fatale Frenzy

4 years ago

There’s no sense in resisting – just submit and obey.

Cover Preview for Leather & Lust (by KinkyWriter)
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Leather & Lust

5 years ago

For those intrigued by leather and fetish…

Cover Preview for Bound & Tormented (by KinkyWriter)
Erotic Samplers

Bound & Tormented

5 years ago

For those intrigued by bondage and submission…

Cover Preview for Kinky Sex with Friends (by KinkyWriter)
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Kinky Sex with Friends

5 years ago

Kinky sex is always better with friends!

Cover Preview for Kinky Grab Bag #4 (by KinkyWriter)
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Kinky Grab Bag #4

5 years ago

Eager for some kinky erotica, but don’t know where to start?!

(4th in the Kinky Grab Bag series)