Fall was one of Mary’s favorite times of the year, but not for most of the reasons you might think.

Sure, the weather was cooler and the transformation the landscape saw from the leaves changing color was pretty, however what Mary truly enjoyed was the transformation that her own husband made that time of year as Mary’s wardrobe changed from shorts and beachwear to something far more alluring and sensual…

A sexy pair of knee-high leather boots here, an impossibly tight pair of leather pants there, and with every day being just the right weather for a leather jacket, Greg was in hog heaven as the leather fetishist watched his wife parade around in some of his favorite fashions that had the power to bring him to his knees … and a whole lot more.


This story was written for Smutathon 2020 – follow the link above to read the full story and while you’re there, consider a donation for our charity this year – Endometriosis UK.


TAGS: boot worship, femdom, leather fetish, masturbation, public, smutathon

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