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Suspended Beauty

3 weeks ago

Suspension had always been an element of BDSM that his wife had wanted to try until Mistress Victoria offered to make the woman’s fantasy a reality…

Cover Preview for Gagged Girl (by KinkyWriter)
Bondage Erotica

Gagged Girl

6 months ago


Cover Preview for Gagged Girl (by KinkyWriter)
Sneak Peeks

Gagged Girl

6 months ago

Laurel was a serious gag addict. You name it – she’d moaned orgasmically into it, likely on more than a handful of occasions!

Cover Preview for 10 Kinky Orgasms (by KinkyWriter)
Fetish Erotica

10 Kinky Orgasms

9 months ago

As a long-time member of a kinky Internet forum, Chloe enjoyed hearing about the fantasies of other fellow perverts like herself…

Erotic Vignettes

Fuck Doll

11 months ago

“Why does she let us do this stuff to her?”

Cover Preview for Cuckolding Show and Tell (by KinkyWriter)
Cuckolding Erotica

Cuckolding Show and Tell

5 years ago

“You wouldn’t believe how wet I am right now.”

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Rachel’s Weekly Web Show

8 years ago

A part of her kind of wanted to be punished that night…