Monica’s Chastity Challenge

“So this is it – no turning back now…”

“You wanted to know what it feels like to be truly denied by an intoxicatingly beautiful woman … so that’s exactly what you’re going to get!” she added with a wink as she looked at him coyly over her shoulder, wiggling her perfect butt in the matching vinyl panties that hung low across her hips.

“Now I want to be absolutely clear,” she spoke as she sauntered over and slid onto the couch beside him, crossing her legs provocatively as she leaned in close, “I’m not the one giving up sex here – you are. As you can see here tonight, I plan on being just as sexual over the next 365 days as I always am … perhaps even a little more! I have my own little plan for relief that I’ll share with you shortly, but in the meantime I cannot stress this enough – this is about you, not about me, Kurtis…”

12 months under lock and key … his manhood held captive for her amusement and his denial … will Kurtis be able to handle it???


“I’ve gotta tell you, chastity slave – dare I say that this is something that I’ve been looking forward to ever since that night in bed when you confessed that you longed to be submissive to me,” Monica admitted as she held his cage in one hand and sneered at him within inches of his lips. “You should know that the next year is going to be anything but easy on you, and you can rest assured that the more turned on I get by denying you my sex, the more you should expect of it in the future…”

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it, baby?”

Kurt nodded nervously as he stared back into his girlfriend’s imperious eyes.

“I want to hear you say the words,” she prodded, still only inches from his face.

He quietly squeaked out, “…I want to be your chastity slave, Monica…”

Monica gritted her teeth as she jerked on the cage in her hand, “Louder! Are you embarrassed to be my chastity slave?!”

“No, Ma’am,” he spoke, raising his voice while he gazed back at her. “I’m proud to be your chastity slave.” He clenched his fingers more tightly behind his head and straightened his posture.

“And what are you not going to do over the next 365 days, chastity slave?” she asked him inquisitively.


“And what am I going to do to you over the next 365 days?”

“Anything you want.”

“And what am I going to have lots of while I’m denying you?”


"Enjoy this erection you have now because it's going to be your last for a very long time..."
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