“When did you get to be so cruel?!”

“Awwww, what’s wrong? Doggy doesn’t get any lovin’ because he’s all locked up like this now?!”

“Doggy doesn’t deserve any lovin’ because he’s been a bad dog, so his owner is going to go find her some on her own!”

Jessie has a secret that not even her best friend knows, but when she finds herself getting grilled about her questionable behavior as a married woman, she can’t help but share her kinky side at home that motivates her naughty nature at the club.

With a submissive husband who yearns to be utterly humiliated, Jessie shows April how she subjects him to the most degrading of tortures that include heavy bondage, verbal humiliation, and even a bit of pain – all before hitting the club to together find Jessie a real man to give to her what her husband can’t…


“And then there’s … the dog hood,” she announced with a smirk, looking back at her friend until they both just finally burst into laughter once again.

“The dog hood?” April asked her best friend shaking her head in between their shared fit of chuckles.

“Yeah!” Jessie confirmed with a beaming smile.

“So … you can see there the collar, and there’s also a detachable blindfold somewhere for when I want some more privacy, and inside the snout…” she gestured as she reached up and unzipped the zipper that followed the dog’s mouth around the snout, “…you can see that he’s also currently wearing a rather sizable gag.”

“That one is shaped like a penis, but there are other ones, too, or I can leave his mouth open or whatever, too.”

After zipping the dog’s snout closed once more, Jessie turned back to her friend and began to elaborate, “I actually picked out the dog hood myself. When he confessed to me all of this stuff that turns him on and what he fantasized about me doing, I knew that I had to take it all the way. The only way it was going to happen – the only way that I was going to be able to give him what he wanted – was for me to take it to the extreme where I could manage to get into it, too…”

April set her bags down and then sat herself on the edge of the bed before asking, “So what was it that … he wanted???”

She stared back at the bound figure a few feet away, both baffled and also curious to learn more about this new taboo that her best friend had just unveiled to her.


TAGS: bondage, bondage hood, chastity, cuckolding, femdom, humiliation, leather, playful

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