The Bridal Bound Cuckoldress

And there I finally am – his bound, slutty wife…

In celebration of their ninth wedding anniversary together, a submissive husband restrains his wife in symbolic, white leather bondage and lingerie before leaving her true needs to be met by her lover who holds the only keys to her release…


It’s no secret among married women that the ultimate conquest of the alpha male is found in taking another man’s bride – it’s for this reason that cuckolding is such a powerful aphrodisiac for so many lesser men.

To put oneself openly out there to indulge in the desires of another above your own spouse alone is a truly wicked proposal for most women, but to further insist that her partner himself be the one to prepare her for such betrayal is nothing short of divinely domineering.

The other 364 days of the year, my heart and soul may belong to my husband, but for one lust-filled night on the day reserved to honor our love, my bridal innocence is taken over and over by men who put him to shame.

The rules during our annual arrangement are simple – I’m to be bound before they arrive and after they leave, and in between they’re free to do whatever they like with me. As the wife of a submissive man lays bound for their enjoyment, no act is too depraving, no position is off limits. All is fair in love and cuckolding.

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