“Is this what you really want?”

It looked so silly locked up in that little, plastic cage of his.


Balls shriveled.

Kinda sad.

My boyfriend was never really a big man downstairs, but the chastity belt that he was now wearing made him look positively small … the kind of thing that turns a girl’s arousal into laughter when she gets her first glimpse of it…

“Is this what you really want?”

Kelly was a little taken off guard when she first discovered her boyfriend David’s chastity fetish, but as he shares with her some of his deepest emotions one evening while locked under her control, she finds herself delving deeper into his submissive desires and learns how she can exploit it to her advantage when they pay a visit to their local adult toy store together!


“I think…” I told him with a sultry voice as I scanned the rack in front of me while he still stood in shock, gawking at the previous dildo that I had handed him, “…that I deserve a little something special.”

“…if I’m going to play along with this little chastity game of yours, don’t you think?”

I turned and gave Justin a wink before taking the black dildo from his hands and instead replacing it with a plastic-wrapped member that was even larger still.

“I think I want this one!” I chirped with a smile as we both studied the silicone toy that was kept away safe under its see-through packaging. Ten long inches of pure pleasure – the package boasted of its veiny contents, inside holding a dildo that was nearly translucent save for a cute blush of pink just at the tip that sort of made me giggle.

“What do you think of it???” I pressed my boyfriend after glancing around to verify that we were more or less alone in our own little corner of the store.

“Ten inches is an awful lot. Do you think it will be able to fill me up where you clearly can’t???”

“I sure hope it will … all of a sudden I’m just so horny, but my boyfriend is all locked up. I think I’d do just about anything for a thick, juicy cock inside of me right now!”

"What if it turns out that she actually really likes the idea more than you expected?"
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