“You just love being locked up in that tight, little cage for me, don’t you?”

Learning to embrace the joys of tease and denial while her husband Michael was kept locked up in a silicone chastity cage, Emma the budding housewife turned mistress begins to explore the appeals of erotic humiliation and the sublime effects that her words can have on an already submissive and generally well-behaved husband.

From wild stories with former lovers to sex toys with character and even a bit of poolside teasing with her girlfriends, the heat is on for Michael to worship and serve his decadent wife as she taunts of replacing his locked manhood with a more impressive model much to his ultimate delight…


And so Emma thought for a moment as a small grin began to grow upon her face, and after giving her story plenty of thought and once her husband had been properly locked into his tight, little silicone prison while she held his key in the palm of her hand, Emma began to tell him the story of the night that she f&#(@d Maxwell after her cousin’s wedding when she was a junior in college.

She was very single, and he was hot – a groomsman who came unattached and probably could’ve had his pick of the bridesmaids, but instead they shared several drinks and dances throughout the night and the next thing she knew, she was on her knees in his hotel room upstairs…

“I can still remember unzipping his pants and holding it in my hands for the first time,” she mused with a romantic charm in her voice as her husband lay beside her on the bed, slowly running his fingers along the blue satin chemise that Emma wore as his dick tingled in its new self-imposed home. “I had a feeling that it was going to be impressive – he was tall and very handsome – but when I pulled his underwear down and it popped up over the band for me like a present,I honestly wondered if I was going to be able to take it all!”

“I sucked on the tip, and as much of it as I could fit in my mouth,” she added with a sly wink, “while I played with his balls for a while.”

“Even his balls were nice!” Emma told her chastised husband as he lay next to her with a dry throat, hanging on every word.

“He was clean shaven down there, which just made everything seem even bigger, and he was the first black guy that I’ve ever been with, so needless to say I was pretty impressed and when he told me to hike up my dress and lay down on the bed, I was so ready to get fucked even if I was a little nervous about how big he was…”

Emma then reached down and wrapped her hand around her husband’s locked up d$#%, squeezing the silicone slightly in her hand as she inched her body closer and looked directly into Michael’s eyes.

“It turns out that my panties were soaked when he pulled them off me and tossed them onto the floor,” she whispered fiercely with a giggle.

“He slid a condom on and I bent my legs up on the bed, still in my heels, and we shared a look for about twenty seconds while he teased me with just the tip of his c#@! that I’d been sucking on so passionately, and then suddenly he was inside of me.”

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