Amanda turned another page in her Cosmo as she sat in the waiting room, her wedge sandals tapping anxiously against one another as the clock crept closer to her appointment time.  It had been a long and stressful couple of weeks since her last visit, and she was really looking forward to today’s visit to help unwind.

“Ms. Reynolds,” the nurse called from the hallway, “we’re ready when you are…”

A smile flushed over Amanda’s face as she put down her magazine and grabbed her purse.  Her eyes darted around the room to the other patrons of the office, wondering if each of them were there for the same as her or possibly something even more intriguing.  She let out a big sigh as she met the nurse and followed her back through the door separating the waiting room from the rest of the office.

“So how are you doing today?” the nurse asked her as they walked.

She let out another sigh and replied, “Oh, I’m good – I’ve just been under a lot of stress lately.”

“Well, don’t worry, sweetie,” the nurse replied, “in a few minutes all of your worries are just going to melt away!”

Away from all of the prying eyes, Amanda blushed a little as she remembered her previous visits and just how relaxed and refreshed she had felt after each of them, and then caught herself taking another deep breath as the approached a door labeled Stress Management – 5B.

“Here we are,” the nurse said as she unlocked and opened the door with a key she had retrieved from her jacket pocket.

They walked inside to find a small and relatively non-descript room, only featuring a couch and a couple of chairs, as well as a small closet area and a bathroom with shower and vanity in the corner.  To the opposite side of the room from where they had entered was another door, although no windows were present to indicate what was on the other side of the wall.

“You know the drill, hun – go ahead and get cleaned up, and use the restroom.  Then when you’re ready, strip down – everything but your glasses and maybe those cute sandals of yours,” she giggled, “and meet me in the next room for your session.  We’ve got you down for about two hours this afternoon, so I hope you’re ready for a long one!”

Amanda just grinned as the nurse winked at her, then left through the same door she had entered through.  She heard the nurse locking the door behind her, realizing that her only way out now was through the other door.

Excited, she first went into the bathroom and relieved herself as instructed, then stopped at the vanity before leaving to freshen up her makeup a bit.  Nothing fancy – just some more lipstick to make her lips shine a bright pink, some eye makeup to bring out her best feature next to her breasts, and then a small amount of beauty powder all over her cheekbones, arms, legs, and chest to make her skin sparkle.  Tossing her curly, strawberry-blonde hair as she winked at herself in the mirror, she loved the cute image that she projected and suddenly couldn’t wait to get naked and proceed with her “session.”

Back in the other room, she quickly removed her skirt and top, folding them neatly and placing them in the closet before then removing her bra.  Last to go was the dainty, white thong that covered her freshly-shaven pubic area, which from sessions past she had learned better than to come here without the proper ladylike grooming.  Admiring her nude figure, save her sandals and geeky-chic glasses, in the full-length mirror, she couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were becoming erect, and as her right hand wandered south, she soon realized that her nether regions were becoming moist, too.

“I’d better hurry or I’ll have some explaining to do!” she said out loud to herself as she took one last look at herself in the mirror before turning towards the other door.  As she pulled it open, she was overwhelmed by the smell of leather and caught herself just closing her eyes for a minute to take it all in, the intoxicating around all but overpowering even the sweet perfume that she had spritzed herself with that morning.

“You look better already!” she heard the nurse say as she gently put her hands on Amanda’s shoulders and moved her away from the door before closing it.  The nurse casually ran her fingertips along the girl’s body, commenting, “You’re sparkling – that’s always a good sign!” before leading her over to the center of the room.

Amanda was quick to notice that the leather fragrance that filled the room no doubt came from the thick, white leather that padded all four walls not unlike where one would expect to find a crazy person in a straitjacket, but that wasn’t what she was there for … at least not today. In the center of this room stood a similarly padded white, leather table, with the specific note that this table was shaped not square or rectangular, but more like the outstretched human form.  This was a bondage table, and from the look of the many tan, leather straps that hung along its sides, Amanda couldn’t imagine being able to move on her own once being strapped down to it.

Of course, deep down she knew that this was precisely where the stress relief came in.

“Now before you lay down,” the nurse said, “I want to use a special kind of gag on you today so that we don’t ruin that pretty makeup of yours.”

Amanda’s eyes wandered for a moment while the nurse retrieved a mass of leather straps with a small, red ball in the center.

“This is last call,” the nurse said as she stood in front of her with the gag.  “Are you ready, Ms. Reynolds?”

Amanda stood up straight, instinctively crossed her wrists behind her back, and eagerly replied to her nurse, “Yes, ma’am.  I’m ready.”

“Please remove your glasses,” the nurse instructed.

She quickly, but gently removed her signature glasses from her face, then immediately returned her wrists behind her back, glasses in hand.

The nurse smiled, then held up the red ball to Amanda’s shiny lips, which the girl quickly parted so that the ball could be seated firmly but gently behind her teeth.  Moving around behind her, the nurse proceeded to wrap the various leather straps around her head, pulling her hair into place as she went, and tightening the straps until they pulled the ball snug into Amanda’s wanton mouth.  The gag was a trainer-style ballgag, with straps running around the bridge of her nose as well as under her chin to hold her lips firmly around the ball.  Satisfied that she could still admire her patient’s beautiful eyes and lusty lips around the gag, she instructed her to replace her glasses and turn to look at herself in a mirror that had been placed on the back of the door that she had entered through.

With her nurse standing behind her, hands gingerly on her shoulders, she felt a shiver down her spine as she witnessed the beginning of her transformation.  Her cute persona was still visible in the vibrant lipstick and her strawberry locks that peeked out from behind the gag straps, but now another perspective was present in her image – that of her sexuality.  Her femininity beamed as she stood there glistening under the lights, her skin sparkling as she perched upon her high heels that went from cute footwear to sexy, girl-next-door fetish as she began to relinquish control of her own body.  The quiet college student who worked at the school bookstore and danced with her friends on the weekend was giving way to the sexual goddess who dreamed of being tied up and teased.  Her trance was soon broken by the voice of the nurse, who was ready to help her continue that fantasy…

“Come over here and lay down, sweetheart,” the nurse beckoned.  “You’ll have plenty of time to stare at yourself soon enough.”

Amanda walked over to the leather-clad table and took a deep breath before taking the nurses hand and easing herself up on its center.  The cool leather feeling nice against her bottom, she situated herself accordingly and laid back entirely on the table, her body fitting nearly perfectly on the center.  Thinking, “It’s all or nothing…” she lifted her legs up and spread them out on their padded portions, then stretched her arms above her head and rested them on similar pads above her.

She immediately realized that the nurse had intended when she had referred to her having plenty of time to stare at herself, as she looked straight up to find that the ceiling of the room was actually a gigantic mirror as well.  Amanda looked up at her body, stretched out on the fitted leather table, spread-eagled like an X – her legs were spread open invitingly, and her hands were far too inaccessible to resist anything that might happen.  She was helpless, or at least she was about to be…

The nurse towered over her, with her crisp, white lab coat and brown hair tight in a bun now presenting more of an authoritative figure than before, and Amanda found her arousal increasing even more as she looked up at the woman who was binding her.  Reaching down to cup her cheek in her hand, the nurse whispered softly, “Are you comfortable, honey?”  Amanda nodded calmly, to which the nurse replied, “Good.  Then let’s get you secured down so that you don’t hurt yourself…”

Not daring to move her head, Amanda watched in the mirror above as the nurse then began to fasten the tan leather straps that surrounded the table around every part of her body.  She started with the girl’s wrists, taking note of the nail polish she had chosen to match her lipstick, and then proceeded up her arms to tighten additional straps at her elbows and shoulders.  She then continued down to the girl’s ankles, wrapping the straps in parallel to the much tinier straps that held her sandals in place, then also applying straps at her knees and thighs to ensure that Amanda didn’t stand a chance of moving on her own.  A wider belt was then secured around her hips, to be followed by a specially-designed array of straps that took on the appearance of a bra as it wrapped around her chest, first serving to further hold her body down to the table, but then also tightening around each individual breast to hold them firm and make them more sensitive.

The nurse returned to her line of vision over her head, but before talking to Amanda, she reached underneath the table and retrieved another leather strap which she proceeded to attach to a ring on the top of the girl’s head harness.  Tightening this strap both lifted her chin up sharply, thus reducing her line of sight to the mirror directly over her, and also ensured that she wasn’t even able to move her head in her new bondage.

“How does that feel, sweetie?” she asked, taking the girl’s face in her hand once again.  Amanda nodded as best she could, putting a big smile on the nurse’s face as she looked her patient up and down on the table.  “Why don’t you struggle for me a bit so that we can get things started…” the nurse giggled.

Amanda strained her muscles and found what give the straps still had, grunting through her gag as she continued to be aroused by watching her own figure above her.

“That’s it – give those straps a real workout!” the nurse exclaimed as she walked around the girl’s body, studying each strap as Amanda wiggled.  After a few moments, she told Amanda to stop, then pulled a small, black box from her jacket pocket and pressed one of its buttons.  Amanda gasped as she felt the straps up and down her body beginning to tighten, eliminating any small amounts of slack that she had just discovered.  Everything from her arms to her legs were pressed tightly into the white padded leather of the table, followed by her chest and even her head was pulled even further back.  She then felt the bands around her breasts begin to tighten, forcing her now well-erect nipples up into the air, and then even the belt around her tummy began to tighten, which amongst everything else alarmed her because she began to feel her breathing getting more and more shallow as well.

The nurse noticed this and came to her side, explaining, “No need to worry, honey.  Studies show that controlling a girl’s breathing makes her orgasms all the more powerful – the belts are going to simulate like you were wearing a corset to maximize that.  Just relax and we’ll be ready to start soon…”  As Amanda laid there unable to move a muscle, the belt around her belly continued to tighten just a bit each time she exhaled, further limiting the amount of air she could take in with each adjustment.  She closed her eyes and did her best to get lost in the moment, allowing the swirling scents of leather and perfume to overwhelm her senses once again and transport her to a place where her body was not her own.

Soon the tightening came to a stop and she was left in silence to take in her surroundings – the cool feel of leather now nearly engulfing her naked body, holding her both secure but also vulnerable, with her limbs spread wide … unable to move a muscle … even her head being held down not painfully, but quite firmly … topped with a shiny red ball holding her mouth wide open while also silencing all but her most passionate of moans.  Eventually opening her eyes confirmed her predicament in the mirrored ceiling above, sending first a nervous chill down her spine, to be followed almost immediately by an overwhelming sense of arousal as she anticipated what was shortly to come.  She had made the transition from the girl next door to a woman at her sexual peak, and deep down she knew that at her present condition it wouldn’t take much at all to push her over the edge…

Amanda focused on her own eyes looking down at her as she attempted to breathe as deeply as she was able while the nurse brought out one last piece of the afternoon’s puzzle – a small chart which she rolled down towards the girl’s feet and then locked into place between her legs.  She closed her eyes once again and began to purr ever so quietly as she felt the warming sensation created by a clear gel that the nurse was gently rubbing into her most intimate of areas.  This made the nurse smile as she massaged the tender area with a pair of delicate fingers, taking note to apply liberal amounts to the girl’s lips and clitoris for what was soon to come.  Once she was satisfied that the entire area was quite thoroughly moist, the nurse reached over to the cart and extended an arm that situated squarely over the area which she had just finished lubricating.

The arm consisted of a rather simple setup – an outer ring several inches in diameter rested against the girl’s pubic area, pressing gently but firmly against her, while a larger than average and extremely realistic dildo sat on the end of a shaft that lined up through the center of the ring with her waiting vagina.  As the nurse turned a couple of knobs on the side of the machine, the dildo came closer and closer until it finally began to part the lips of Amanda’s vagina, eliciting more sounds from the girl in the process.  The nurse grinned as she flipped a couple more switches on the machine before standing up and walking towards Amanda’s perfectly taut head.

“Well, that oughta do it!” she told her client with a smile.  As she talked, Amanda felt a stir between her legs as the dildo slowly crept in and out of her, soon accompanied by a vague tickling sensation where the outer ring crossed over her clit.  “Now you just relax and enjoy your session, sweetheart – for the next two hours, your only worries will be whether or not you can handle all of that down there,” she continued, nodding towards the machine that was now slowly picking up speed, much to Amanda’s delight.

“Of course,” she chuckled, crouching down and looking Amanda direct in the eyes, “you and I have both been doing this long enough to know that in your current predicament…”

Her finely manicured hand reached up and gently tweaked the girl’s nipples.

“…well, let’s just say that you really don’t have much say in the matter!”

Her nails continued to roam around the girl’s upper body, tracing lines around her firmly restrained breasts before coming to rest a single finger on the red gag planted between her perky, pink lips.

“That’s your lesson for the day – sometimes when you can’t control anything, you just have to lay back, let go, and enjoy life.  Have fun, sweetie…”

The nurse ran the tip of her index finger gently over the girl’s upper lip – just once – before standing up, winking at her, and walking out of view.  Amanda heard the door click shut just a moment later and she was gone.  Before her mind could even begin to wonder, the machine between her legs began to hum a bit louder as it proceeded to plunge the dildo deep into her with more and more force.  Gazing up at her restrained reflection in the mirror, she took the deepest breath that she could and gave in to her pleasures as the vibrations above her clitoris also came to life and sent her body into a quiver.  Helpless as the leather straps held her tight to the table, it wasn’t long before she began to scream into the ballgag as the first orgasm of her session washed over her with an intensity like no other, her eyes eventually rolling into the back of her head as the machine seemed to keep pounding relentlessly and even harder long after most men would’ve been through.

Amanda felt tears rolling down her cheeks as she grasped to process the endless pleasure that was being forced upon her, her mind barely able to focus long enough to remind herself that she had wanted every second of this before the next wave came crashing over her.  As the sensations continued, she eventually found herself in what could only be described as an out of body experience as she looked up to see the girl in her reflection overcome by wave after wave of forced pleasures.  She felt joy, she felt pain, she felt helpless from being unable to resist while one became the other and vise versa.

Eventually and without warning, she felt the vibrations subside and found herself at last with a moment to catch her breath.  She looked up to see her body glistening from the turmoil that it had just gone through, still feeling much smaller shudders as she attempted to regain her bearings.  She had absolutely no gauge of how much time had passed, but was certain that it hadn’t already been two hours.  All she could do was breath, blink, and carefully move her fingers and toes as she felt her body floating there in the room.  It was a feeling that she had all but forgotten from her previous sessions – a high that could truly only be remembered by taking another trip down that forbidden road.  Around the gag that now cut rather severely into her cheeks, she could feel the kind of smile that feels like it’s never going to go away.  It was absolute heaven – no concerns, no responsibilities, not a care in the world…

Amanda closed her eyes again and relished her new, zen-like state until her ears perked up to hear that a certain humming had returned.  It was noticed elsewhere a fraction of a second later and she felt the anticipation begin to build again as the machine gently teased her down below.  Her eyes shot open just in time to see their own combined excited and terrified look in the reflection as the tickles turned to torment and then torture, and soon she was clinging on to her own desperate cries once again.

Wave after wave crashed over her, this time even harder and more mercilessly than before, and somewhere within it all she knew that she was going to be ok.

It was going to be a long two hours, but she was definitely going to be ok…

"Sometimes when you can't control anything, you just have to lay back, let go, and enjoy life..."
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