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Thanksgiving Dessert

6 months ago

“You said you wanted to help me relieve a little stress, so get over here, get down on your knees, and get to work!”

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Her Greatest Weakness

4 years ago

“So is your husband not giving you everything that you need???”

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Advanced Masturbation for Perverts

4 years ago

There were still days when she dominated his mind in a way that just seemed to exert how much control the woman had over him even long after their ugly breakup…

Cover Preview for Cheater's Remorse (by KinkyWriter)
Bondage Erotica

Cheater’s Remorse

6 years ago

“Don’t talk to me about sorry when you’ve still got your lover’s cum on your lips…”

Cover Preview for Kinky Grab Bag #2 (by KinkyWriter)
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Kinky Grab Bag #2

9 years ago

Eager for some kinky erotica, but don’t know where to start?!

(2nd in the Kinky Grab Bag series)

Cover Preview for Naughty Girl, Discovered (by KinkyWriter)
Cuckolding Erotica

Naughty Girl, Discovered

9 years ago

“Do you want to watch your wife get fucked again, baby?”

Cover Preview for Bad Girls (by KinkyWriter)
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Bad Girls (and the men who worship them…)

10 years ago

Warning: Not for the faint of heart or the timidly submissive…

Cover Preview for Her Greatest Weakness (by KinkyWriter)
Cuckolding Erotica

Her Greatest Weakness

10 years ago

I suppose some things never change…

Cover Preview for 30 Days of Bondage (by KinkyWriter)
FemDom Erotica

30 Days of Bondage

10 years ago

Nobody ever said that bondage was easy!

Cover Preview for One Last Tease... (by KinkyWriter)
Chastity Erotica

One Last Tease…

10 years ago

“Leave it to you to be turned on by something like that…”