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Suspended Beauty

3 months ago

Suspension had always been an element of BDSM that his wife had wanted to try until Mistress Victoria offered to make the woman’s fantasy a reality…

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Sugar & Spice

6 months ago

“I wish I could tell you that what you’re about to go through isn’t going to be that bad…”

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Cage Shopping

7 months ago

“Picture having this cage in the corner of your bedroom, ready and waiting for whenever you feel so inclined to put your submissive properly in his place…”

Cover Preview for Pleasure Suit Fantasy (by KinkyWriter)
Fetish Erotica

Pleasure Suit Fantasy

1 year ago

The Ultimate Fantasy Orgasmic Experience!

Cover Preview for She Taunts (by KinkyWriter)
FemDom Erotica

She Taunts

2 years ago

My favorite position to see a submissive man is complicated, because I am, too…

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Taught to be Cruel

2 years ago

“Sometimes I feel as if I’m just not strict enough with him…”

Cover Preview for Sex and Domination Animalistic (by Veronica Ash)
FemDom Erotica

Sex & Domination Animalistic

6 years ago

It’s playtime.

Cover Preview for WHIPPED (by Mistress Elizabeth Simone)
FemDom Erotica


7 years ago

It was kind of like directing an orchestra, but with flesh and emotion as the instruments…

Cover Preview for USED (by Mistress Elizabeth Simone)
FemDom Erotica


7 years ago

“Look at me when I’ve got my fingers in your cunt!”

Cover Preview for BOUND (by Mistress Elizabeth Simone)
Bondage Erotica


7 years ago

A dominant woman doesn’t take orders from a man’s dick.

Cover Preview for The Photo Shoot (by KinkyWriter)
FemDom Erotica

The Photo Shoot

7 years ago

“Don’t be afraid to reach out and touch anything that catches your eye…”

Cover Preview for 30 Days of Bondage (by KinkyWriter)
FemDom Erotica

30 Days of Bondage

7 years ago

Nobody ever said that bondage was easy!