The Plastic Anniversary

“The suspense … the waiting … the teasing is all part of the fun!”

“…and so with our first anniversary being the plastic anniversary according to a list of modern anniversary gifts that I found online, I thought that it might be kinda fun to get a little kinky while we were away on our trip over the next week…”

Christi couldn’t help but admit that she was feeling a little naughty when she ordered her newlywed husband a chastity belt to celebrate their first anniversary together. All of the other girls joked about them like cheap bachelorette gags, but as she considered the control that having her man locked up and at her beck and call could offer, the thought of male chastity seemed like the perfect teaser to spice up their romantic getaway and for all she knew, that was only the beginning!


Standing up with a grin, she purred, “Maybe I don’t want you to touch it … maybe I want you to touch me instead!” as she pressed herself up against his and brought her lips to his for the first passionate embrace of their vacation that she’d been holding back for just the right time. Christi wrapped her body around his as she swallowed his touch eagerly, savoring every touch as he groped her body, sliding her top off as she dragged him into the other room towards the bed.

Tumbling down onto the soft comforter together, their tongues continued to intertwine as their passion escalated before David confusingly stopped her and asked, “Wait … so how am I supposed to…?” while gesturing down at his crotch and then towards her own…

“No talking…” she countered with a raspy voice as she took his hand and slid it up her skirt and into her panties, “…just make me cum.”

David’s heart raced as he leaned back into his wife and resumed their kiss while he also slipped his fingers between her already excited folds. The two grunted in unison as she began to grind herself against his hand while David did all that he could to keep up with his sexually charged wife as she seemed to transform into an entirely different animal beneath him…

“Oh god, yesssss!”

She screamed out as he furiously plunged his fingers in and out of her, watching the sweat glisten on her skin as she came to a exhilarating climax before him. He attempted to kiss her as the orgasm subsided and her hips slowed, but instead was simply told, “No … lick me…” as she pushed him down towards her feet and then dug her fingers into the bed sheets around her as his tongue obedient came into contact with her tender lips below.

"No talking ... just make me cum."
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