“Is thinking about me in those shoes one of the things that turns you on?”

“Does that turn you on??? Does it turn you on that it turns your wife on, being so blatantly unfaithful to you???”

With her lover out of town on business, Kate and her husband Andrew explore what this newfound lifestyle that has piqued her interest mean to them as she persuades him to submit to his own subconscious desires. Gaining a considerable confidence as she learns more about the appeal that the dominant female lifestyle has to offer, Kate enjoys humiliating her husband as he seeks to put her desires above his own through this latest installment featuring a variety of foot and shoe worship, verbal humiliation, and even an orgasm on his part that might just seem a little too good to be true…

Her New Cuckold … Teased is the second installment in the Her New Cuckold series, having been preceded by the inaugural story where Kate revealed her affair and Andrew first acquired his chastity belt, Her New Cuckold … Locked.


“So tell me,” she then asked with a curious tone to her voice, “what exactly has been arousing you the last couple of days since you’ve been wearing that???”

Andrew thought for a moment as he looked down at his locked crotch, then his eyes dropped back to her feet before he admitted, “Mostly you.”

“Me?!” she repeated rather surprised. She considered his response herself for a moment before she just had to press, “Why … me … after all that I’ve done to you recently???”

Her husband’s eyes wandered the room a while longer as she watched him ponder his response before finally looking right back at her and telling her, “I don’t know … you’ve just been … sexier lately.”

Kate considered the response, then prompted, “Go on…” as she crossed her ankles in front of him.

“I mean – there’s just something about you that’s … different,” he continued. “You’ve had this new aura about you, and you never used to dress like this in the past…”

Kate smiled warmly as she looked down at him kneeling by her feet, then countered with an even more difficult question…

“Does it bother you that I’m sleeping with another man?”

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TAGS: bondage, chastity, cuckolding, femdom, foot worship, humiliation, masturbation, shoe fetish, tease and denial

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