Her Plans to Break Him…

On Day #1 he will say goodbye to the outside world.  Stripped naked, shaved, and locked in a leather collar and restraints, my new slave will then find his flesh branded with my symbol before being locked away in total isolation for 24 hours to anticipate his future.

On Day #2 he will be taught to fear pain.  Hung by his wrists from the center of my dungeon, my cane will spend hours dancing every part of his body until my favorites are scarred and bloody.  He’ll be taught to beg my name for mercy, though he’ll receive only laughter in reply.

On Day #3 he will learn humiliation.  His cock will be locked away from him in an impenetrable steel chastity belt, and he will spend hours on his knees worshipping me.  By the end of that day he will have found that he’s not allowed to touch my body anymore – only the garments of leather that he’s come to fetishize, and even then only when he’s truly earned it.

On Day #4 he will know the honor of service.  His humility heightened as I share his slavehood with my closest friends, they will be encouraged to tease and slap him around, teaching him that all women are superior to a slave as lowly as him while he serves us cocktails wearing nothing but his bonds.

On Day #5 he will be plunged back into isolation.  This day’s focus of a torturous nature, I will wrap him tight with leather and inundate his body with a myriad of hypnosis and pain to ensure that only one thing remains constant in his mind – my dominance.

On Day #6 he will be reminded of my pleasure in his suffering.  Heavy cock and ball torture, electro-stimulation, and even more whipping until he’s nothing but a puddle on my dungeon floor.  With each task he’ll see me climax a little harder until our finale arrives with my taking him forcibly from behind while he shouts my name in reverence.

And finally Day #7 comes as his day of rest – a single day free of sadism and torture, of self-reflection and relaxation … well, for the most part, anyways.  His one task should he wish to return to my glory the next day, as his wounds still sting fresh and the mental images of leather and pain overwhelm his brain, is to fill a shot glass entirely with his own juices.

On Day #8 when he takes the shot, we begin the cycle once again…


TAGS: bdsm, bondage, discipline, femdom, hardcore

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