“You wouldn’t believe how wet I am right now.”

Loving the kinky relationship filled with male chastity and cuckolding that the love life she shared with her husband had become, Ashley revels in the foreplay of dressing in scandalous lingerie and even picking out a few toys with her best friend for her sexy boyfriend Trevor to use on her later on that evening.

Even willing to subject herself to a particularly nasty pair of nipple clamps to provide a very special surprise to her lover, Ashley savors every adulterously seductive moment she can get with her Trevor … knowing all too well that her hubby will be eagerly waiting back at home to hear all about it – and possibly more – when she’s had her fill of a real man’s lust.


“You look absolutely amazing tonight,” he whispered into her ear as he pulled her closer. “You know how much I love it when you get nice and slutty for me!”

“It’s fun getting all nice and slutty for another man … you know that I’m happy to do it!” she purred back alluringly, giving the slightest of shivers as she felt more exposed than ever with her boyfriend’s hands on her bottom and her nipples sending the most delightful shots of adrenaline seemingly directly to her sweet spot.

“Where is your dear husband tonight?” Trevor asked her with a wicked grin as he released his grip to give her some release, but still very much locking eyes with her.

“He had to work late…” Ashley replied with a playful shrug. “Didn’t even get to see me leave tonight – that’s why I invited Brooke over to help me get ready instead.”

“Too bad – he really missed out,” smirked the man as he held Ashley close in his arms.

“It’s his job to miss out, honey,” Ashley laughed back in response. “That’s kind of what makes him a cuckold!”

"It's fun getting all nice and slutty for another man!"
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