“Kiss it and thank me for locking you up where you belong.”

Michelle surprises her submissive boyfriend with a very special gift – a shiny, stainless steel chastity belt – and proceeds to take him on a wild ride to remember as his inauguration into the world of the locked and denied male puts him at her complete and utter mercy…


Sitting back on the couch approvingly, Jason’s eyes finally wandered back down to mine just in time to witness firsthand the extraordinarily pleased grin on his girlfriend’s face as I licked my lips provocatively and winked back at my newfound captive, taking a considerable time to gloat smugly before declaring to him with sincere pride, “Oh, that just looks perfect…”

“How does it feel? Is it all cramped up in there?”

“I’m sure it’ll get used to it – not like it has a say in the matter anymore anyways!”

“We should’ve done this so long ago…”

I marveled as I watched my boyfriend seem to descend even further right before my eyes as if the metal cage his beautiful girlfriend had just locked around his manhood was soaking the confidence straight from his body. Now, Jason is by no means a masculine man regardless – he never played any sports and his ability of changing a tire both starts and ends with calling AAA for assistance – but still before me I could almost instantly see a change as his newfound chastity emasculated him all of the same.

It was delicious to watch as I stared him down, rocking one of my high heels in front of him provocatively to reinforce who precisely now ruled his world.

"Every man should be forced into chastity - I think we need to be making it a requirement for our men..."
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