Ashley’s Chastity Tease

“It doesn’t matter how aroused you are when you’re locked in chastity – the only pleasure that matters is your keyholder’s pleasure.”

Ben had always fantasized about being locked in chastity and handing over the key to his manhood to a beautiful woman like his girlfriend, but when he finally shared his kinky fantasy with Ashley, he certainly never expected for her to enjoy teasing and torturing him with such ease and enthusiasm!

Was he really ready to be chastised by a girl so anxious herself to be naughty???


“You’re not regretting begging me to lock you in that thing, are you?”

Ben bit his lip before carefully replying, “No, of course not.”

“Good,” Ashley curtly replied, adding, “because I’m actually kind of loving this so far!”

“Having this kind of control over you has made me hornier than I’ve been in a while! Thinking of you still all locked up like you were last night just puts the biggest smile on my face … I think just the jingle of these keys is enough to make me wet right now…”

Ben gulped as his eyes instinctively shot around to his oblivious co-workers at their desks nearby, feeling his face turn red at the mere thought of his girlfriend’s tease.

Before he had a chance to reply, another message soon popped up.

“So I’m out doing a little shopping right now – wanna see what I’ve bought so far?”

“I mean, do you want to see what you’ve bought me so far? I borrowed your credit card before you left this morning – hope you don’t mind, but I thought I deserved a present after letting you taste me so much last night!” His dick strained against the hard plastic inside of his khaki dress pants, though the chastity cage fought back and did exactly what it was intended to do. Without a mention of his missing credit card, Ben simply typed back, “So what did I buy you???”


TAGS: chastity, femdom, masturbation, romantic, tease and denial

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