Why I Write Erotica…

I’m a writer by trade, and I’ve been interested in the world of kink since I first stumbled onto it while looking for “real porn” as a teenager, so I guess it was kind of inevitable that these two paths would eventually cross and I would find myself putting down on paper the same erotic fantasies that otherwise run rampant through my head sometimes seemingly at all hours of the day.

It was a little more than a decade that had passed before I actually decided to try my hand at writing this kind of stuff myself. Even as access to adult entertainment evolved over the years from text to photos and eventually into videos, too, I always found myself drifting back to erotic stories … I think maybe because they allowed my brain a little extra freedom to fill in the gaps, whereas for most other mediums you’re either into exactly what you see there on the screen or you’re not.

But not with writing – in some of my favorite stories, I was free to embellish on the things that appealed the most to me, whether it was picturing the cute blonde from the office in the starring role or even fantasizing on that role for myself. Maybe it’s a little like the difference between watching a movie and reading the book – both give the same basic story, but not only does the book go into much greater detail for each scene, it’s also just as much up to the reader as it is the writer to paint that scene in his or her own mind … which I think can be a very powerful thing when we’re talking about something like kink where everyone tends to have their own unique and often times extremely specialized visions of what exactly it is that turns them on.

Still, the reader can only work with the overarching themes that the writer provides, which is why a few years ago when I found myself in a bit of a rut as far as discovering new stories that appealed to my own desires, I thought that maybe it was time to try writing a few stories of my own…

Writing has always been an escape for me regardless of the topic that I’m writing about, so the opportunity to explore this world limited only by my own imagination was and still is an incredibly exciting venture that by no means do I take lightly. For me it’s more than just creating stories that I (and hopefully other people!) enjoy … to an extent, writing erotica has also done a great deal to help me understand more about myself and the kinds of things that I enjoy, long before I dare to even speak them out loud or think of trying them out in real life. In a way, it’s kind of a safety net because I can write about a topic and get my feet wet without all of the fears that are common with exploring something so strange and different from what the general public has grown accustomed to around us.

And of course, this wouldn’t be a very honest article if I didn’t also profess that one of the big appeals to writing kinky stories for me is that, frankly – it’s kind of fun to play God every once in a while!

It’s been said about authors time and time again that the writer crafts the ideal world, so put that into a kinky context and just consider the possibilities for a moment. Things like thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of leather and bondage gear, or my own private dungeon, or a bevy of anxious and enthusiastic participants eager to do all sorts of diabolical things together in perfect unison – in real life, these might be little more than a pipe dream, but when I’m calling the shots writing my own stories, pretty much anything I can possibly imagine is at my disposal for whatever perverted pleasures I choose to pen!

It’s kind of like saying, “If you were infinitely wealthy, and didn’t have to work, and had a playroom filled with every kinky toy you could ever dream of, and if you had a little black book of the smartest, most seductive kinksters just waiting by the phone for you to call them over to play … what would you do???”

Of course, you can’t write about bondage utopias all of the time and you know from my site here that I enjoy exploring the relationships between people just as much as I do their actual bondage and fetish-related desires, but either way it’s nice to have that fresh canvas at your disposal where you’re free to craft a tale about pretty much anything your heart desires, even if it’s not feasible in real life or even if you might completely change your mind and be into something entirely different next week.

When it all boils down to it, I guess there really isn’t one set reason that drives me to share the things that I write about here on this website. I write erotica to explore the world of kink and expand upon my own horizons. I write erotica to entertain – both myself and, with any luck, a few of you out there as well. And I write erotica simply because I enjoy creating the types of stories that I’ve found myself imagining over the last couple of years.

Sometimes I don’t always know where my ideas come from and often I’m just as surprised as anyone else when they’re finished there on the page, but for me writing erotica presents an opportunity to explore, entertain, and enjoy the world of kink through the written word that’s very personal and rewarding to me, and if other people happen to enjoy it too, then as far as I’m concerned that’s just a little more icing on the cake. 😉



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