The 13 Hottest KinkyWriter Stories! (off the top of my head)

It’s always fun to reflect back on all of the stories that I’ve written over the years and highlight some of the best memories from those earlier erotic tales, so when Girl on the Net put out an open call for other writers to share what they thought was some of their hottest work, it was right up my alley!

I’ve broken my own list into three different categories to span the various types of writing that I do these days – Books, Exclusive Vignettes (for Patreon Members), and The KinkyWriter Story Vault.

Hope this helps you to find something to sizzle with during this blazing hot summer that we’ve been having… 🔥

From the Books…

Her New Cuckold … Locked – The first beat of this story continues to be one of my favorite pieces of cuckolding foreplay that I’ve ever written, as we find the submissive husband confronted head-on with his wife’s infidelity as she invites him to help her get dressed for a night out with her boyfriend, only to dismiss him halfway through when he gets rude about their relationship…

“Yes, Marcus … err, Dr. Powers bought them for me…” she explained with a smile as she bit her lip, then dropped her towel to the floor and picked up the garter belt to situate it around her hips.

“If you’d like to watch me put them on, you can sit there in my chair at the vanity…”

Kim’s New Toy – Catching up with an old boyfriend, Kim shares photos from a recent bondage photoshoot and then invites him to try on her new leather straitjacket, rekindling their kinky bond as they revisit some old favorites as well as explore some new ones as well!

(note – Amazon doesn’t sell this one anymore, but you can grab it for free by signing up for my newsletter)

“You certainly still have good taste.  So how does it feel?”  She blushed a bit, then laid the jacket down ever-so-gently on her bed.  Half expecting a storybook-esque “Let me show you…”

A Birthday Dress Made of Black LeatherI’m undeniably a leather fetishist at heart, and this is one of my many love letters to the fantasy. A young woman enlists her roommate to help her get dressed for a night out for her birthday and the two end up having a little femdom fun to get her in the mood along the way…

She pointed her scarlet-tipped finger down at his cage and jeered, “What is this?!  I allow you to touch me, and you respond by making a mess all over my floor?!” 

Girls Bondage WeekendTwo naughty friends get together to share a weekend of debauchery and BDSM, featuring a few fucking machine rides and even a trip to a bondage club! I don’t often write many girl-on-girl stories, but this one makes me think that maybe I should do more! 😉

“Mmmmmm – you like that, slut? How would you like one of my friends to come in here and fuck that tight, little pussy of yours right now???”

“Yes, please…”

Drinks with Her Ex, and a Pink Chastity CageYou might’ve guessed that I’m a big fan of the helping her get dressed prior to going on a date-angle of cuckolding, so this was a fun story that got its start as a multi-part member story about a girl going out for drinks with her ex (as the title suggests!) that begins there and then builds on that special angst while she’s away.

He pictured his wife stepping out of the car downtown and being greeted by her mystery lover, who was quick to openly embrace her and took many liberties groping Amanda through the skimpy, jaw-dropping outfit.

He imagined her kissing her former boyfriend, and hoping that her outfit turned him on as much as it had her husband before she had walked out the front door to meet up with him instead.

And then he saw Amanda casually spreading her legs as her skirt rode up her legs in a darkened corner of the hotel, and Shawn being very impressed that she had gone so far as to shave her pussy for him just like he had always liked.

Patreon Member Exclusives…

The Sluttiest Bachelorette

“Picture your bride-to-be wearing a sexy white leather corset, white stockings, and a pair of skimpy, crotchless panties,” Cara told him with a sly grin.

“She’ll also be wearing a pair of white patent stilettos, but that won’t really matter because Jessie is going to be on her knees in the middle of the room with her wrists and elbows bound behind her back…”

Boot Fucker

“Don’t forget that anything you get on my boots, you’re going to be cleaning off with your tongue…”

Fuck Face

Staring up at his latex-clad girlfriend’s thighs and ass, Jack gasped for air as the dildo attached to his mask slowly slid free of the woman’s gorgeous, dripping pussy, allowing him a few precious breaths of air before she bent her legs and squatted down onto the devilish breath control/self-pleasure device once more…

At the Valkyrie’s Feet…

“You really should just have my shoe in your mouth right now.”

“I’m serious.”

Can I Spank You?

“This doesn’t have to be all weird!” the girl surprisingly retorted playfully with a smile.

“I’m sure we’ve both had our share of booty calls since we broke up,” Rachel laughed at her own joke, “so what’s a more literal booty call than letting your ex-girlfriend SPANK YOU for old time’s sake?!”

From the KinkyWriter Story Vault…

Cage Shopping

“It sounds … intense…” he eventually admitted, looking down at the cage and now imagining himself on his hands and knees inside of those steel bars, staring down at his wife’s sexiest pair of ankle boots as the salesgirl had mentioned.

“You wanted intense … remember?” Sarah told him emphatically, taking a step closer as she stared menacingly into her submissive husband’s eyes.

Advanced Masturbation for Perverts

He yearned to kneel at Cathryn’s feet and kiss her shoes.

He longed to feel her shiny, pink fingernails digging into his tender nipples.

And most of all, Joey was desperate to watch his ex-girlfriend orgasm in front of him over and over again while it was all he could do to sit and watch and ache as she made her pleasure his one and only focus.

Trigger Happy

“She’s here for pleasure, you’re here for … everything else.”

Gesturing for Allison to hold her hands out for her, the attendant continued, “inside one of these mitts is a button that controls everything that you’re both experiencing together.”

“If she holds down that button, everything stops,” she explained as she guided Allison’s dainty hands into the leather mitts one by one, buckling them snugly around her wrists after they forced each of her hands into a fist with one of them wrapped around the trigger in question.

Then turning to Josh, she announced with a chuckle, “You don’t need a pair of mitts because … you don’t get a button!”

So What About YOUR Favorites???

Did I happen to include any of your hottest choices in my list?!

If not, leave me a comment on Twitter with your own personal favorite(s) – it’s always fun to hear which stories of mine resonated with different people in different ways! Plus, it helps to inspire me to write more of this perverted fun for everyone’s enjoyment! 😉

Happy Summer!!! ☀️⛱🍉


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