“If you really want to get into cuckolding, then we’re going to do it right and I’m going to make you squirm like you’ve never squirmed before!”

Kevin had fantasized about bondage and chastity and even cuckolding for as long as he could remember, but when he finally worked up the nerve to admit these things to his wife Shelby, only to find that she was more than willing to get a little dirty, too, he was shocked to suddenly find himself wearing a plastic chastity cage at home while his loving wife was out flirting with other men through the encouragement of her sister!

As Shelby surprisingly found herself getting just as worked up and turned on by these exciting changes in her sex life, it was only a matter of time until she would put her husband’s naughty desires to the test and allow her own adulterous needs to truly dominate him. And knowing that her husband favored his leather fetish more than anything, deep down she knew that it would be the perfect screw to turn as she took those final steps towards making his future as a cuckold very much a reality.

Tonight was the night that she was going to make him squirm, and with each step he craved to learn just how devious his wife was capable of being.


Laying down on the center of the bed with numerous leather novelties still to both sides of her, it was admittedly hard for Shelby not to reach over and just go to town with her favorite vibrator right then and there, yet she knew that her patient horniness would eventually be rewarded as instead she retrieved her phone and dialed the number of her preferred suitor that she and her sister together had decided was the best choice to break her cuckolding cherry…

“You wouldn’t believe what I’m wearing right now!”

“Did you finally get that special delivery of yours?! You’ve got to send me a pic…”


“Holy shit, Shelby – I’m already hard and I haven’t even seen what you’ve got going on underneath yet!”

“So do you think that you’re ready to put that hard-on of yours to good use?! I can’t even tell you how unbelievably horny I am right now.”

“You know I’ve game. Hey, did those other toys that we talked about happen to come, too?”

“Yes, Sir – they certainly did.”

“YES!!! So when can I meet you?”

“I just need to freshen up a bit and take care of my husband when he gets home … it shouldn’t be long.”

“Ha ha – well you do what you’ve got to do, girl, and just know that I’m gonna make you sweat in that new slut outfit of yours tonight!”

“I’m counting on it, Tyrone!”

“Hey – how’s about one more pic before you go…”



"That cuck of yours doesn't know what he's missing out on..."
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