When Kara meets a new friend eager to introduce her to the world of cuckolding, will anything still stand in the way of leaving her husband at her feet like they had both imagined???

After experimenting with chastity and female domination with her husband, Kara meets an energetic, new friend who takes her under wing to introduce her to the next step in their naughty fantasies – complete with bondage, erotic humiliation, and even some leather fetish play as she finds all of the excitement in cuckolding that she’d been missing.


“Before – I could look forward to a nice date night out with the hubs … get dressed up, nice dinner and a little flattery, maybe a movie or some romance afterwards, and then we’d go home to make love before bed…”

“But with cuckolding…”
 Tessa added with a grin.

“The entire night becomes this grand production … this sexy game of cat and mouse! Even before I leave the house, there’s this whole theater of getting ready for my date to be savored … I’m dressing up and primping myself for another man, he’s naked and on his knees – locked in chastity – usually helping me by shining my shoes or putting my lingerie on for me…”

“And of course, there’s plenty of tease and denial through the whole thing … about how he’s too small or too incompetent to screw his own wife properly, and how I’m going to leave him locked up at home while I go out to court with a more suitable man for my desires!”

"Sometimes I just want to get good and fucked!"
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TAGS: bondage, chastity, cuckolding, femdom, fetish, humiliation, playful, tease and denial

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