What I Love About Writing … Cuckolding Stories

Having just recently finished my latest cuckolding story – my first new story of the year, in fact! – I thought that this would be as good a time as any to write a bit more about what exactly it is that I enjoy about the cuckolding genre…

For me, as many of you who’ve read my stories by now can probably guess – cuckolding is really all about the foreplay.

That is, and the back and forth dynamic between the cuckold and his cuckoldress both before and after the act itself. I mean, sure, the sex is fine and it certainly has its place in any good erotic tale, but really – sex by itself is kind of a dime a dozen. I can turn on Cinemax at 3:00am or pull up YouPorn and find countless erotic exchanges of a pure, sexual nature, but how many of them will have that sweet exchange shared between a tantalizing woman and the submissive whom she’s flaunting her promiscuous side in front of with a vengeance?!

Not so much! 😛

What I love is that foreplay between the two … getting her ready for her naughty date, and emphasizing his chastity compared to her wanton desires, and watching her drive home just how absolutely helpless, yet nonetheless desperate his submission makes him to her that he wants for this scandalous dynamic of theirs to play out in the first place!

I’ve always likened cuckolding to the next natural extension of the femdom relationship – first he worships at her feet, then she teases and maybe slaps him around a bit, next comes chastity and that sweet, sweet sexual denial, all of which ultimately leads up to the dominant woman looking elsewhere for her divine pleasures…

I mean, what greater denial is there for a married man than to be not only denied sex, but also sexually replaced by his wife, all the while she wears his chastity key around town like it’s simply another piece of jewelry for her to show off! 😉

I suppose it’s for these reasons that you admittedly don’t really find much sex in my cuckolding stories because I tend to keep the focus on the relationship between the woman and her cuck, although I do know that this is an interest to some readers so it’s certainly something that I try to be aware of as I work on my newest stories. That said, there’s also something extra spicy to be said about a cuckoldress who confides in her bull and spends some of her “down time” with him plotting against her own husband … I played with that dynamic a bit in the Her New Cuckold series and now that I think about it, there’s definitely some fun opportunities afforded that I need to circle back to eventually here in the future!

So what is it about cuckolding that really gets you off???



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