Did You Know #KinkyWriter?!

Over the summer I started creating this fun, little educational series called Did You Know #Erotica?! where I share random facts about erotica and BDSM…

Along those same lines, it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog post dedicated to sharing things about myself, so I thought it might be fun to put together a few fun KinkyWriter facts here as we near the end of summer so that we can get to know each other a little better!

Over the Last 10 Years, I’ve Published Nearly One Million Words of Erotica
That’s the equivalent of about 20 novels, or 130 short stories … which is more akin to the types of stories that readers are used to from me. As writing outside of this genre has generally been a big part of my career, erotica represents about a third of everything that I’ve written throughout my adult life.

Some of the first kinky stories that I ever wrote include A Special Fitting, Playing Dress-Up at the Mall, and Hood Shopping, along with a number of the shorts that went into my very first book, New Beginnings.

And so far to date, my single longest story is still 30 Days of Bondage – a novelette that I wrote in early 2014 that clocks in around 22,000 words. I guess I’ve technically written some bundled stories like Her New Cuckold and Roleplaying at Home that are a bit longer, but I’d still really like to try my hand at writing a few full-length erotic novels!

My Biggest Fetish is Undeniably for Leather
Although I’m interested in all sorts of kinks and fetishes, if you twisted my arm and made me narrow it down to just one, I think that my leather fetish would likely take the top prize. There’s just so much to love – the smell, the feeling, the look, how it can be strict and unrelenting as bondage restraints but also sensual and inviting for a tight, leather skirt.

Plus, it always manages to catch my eye when I encounter it out in the real world – it’s not very common that you’d come across latex or a pair of handcuffs walking around the mall, but leather has become such a part of everyday fashion through sexy shoes and handbags and jackets and even belts!


What can I say? Leather is just yummy… 😉

I Enjoy Writing About the Journey More Than the Destination
Recently I came across a quote about my work that I really liked…

“KinkyWriter takes what most authors explore as foreplay and makes it the focus of the story.”

This was said about my book A Birthday Dress Made of Black Leather by reviewer and fellow author Sally Bend, and it really resonated with me because whether I’m writing about fetishes or bondage, or in this case a bit of cuckolding, it’s that slow build up to the main event which is the most fun to write about for me. It’s why you don’t encounter nearly as many just flat-out sex scenes in the stories that I write – if anything, I write about the before, and the after, and maybe just tease at the highlights of the big event itself!

One of My Earliest Interests in Bondage was Inspired By Batgirl
Before the Internet was filled with photos and video like we know it today, there was a corner called USENET that was a huge system of text-based discussion groups on just about any topic you can imagine.

Like any horny teenager, I was searching for sex one day that I stumbled across this group (alt.sex.stories.bondage) where people were sharing sex stories, but instead of just gratuitous fucking, they also talked about being tied up and teased, and since I had been experimenting with tie-up games, this was intriguing to me.

One story in particular was a serial written in the style of the 1960’s Batman show called The Perils of Batgirl and featured a number of creative bondage scenarios that seemed to pick up where the slapstick left off in the original series. Still today I love going back and revisiting those sexy vignettes of Barbara Gordon struggling against a vibrating chastity belt in self-bondage or the French model Cheri La Gams introducing her roommate to rope bondage!

“I zink M’am’selle needs more rope.”

My Perspective on BDSM was Defined By a Cheesy RomCom From the ’90s
The year was 1994, and the movie was the bizarre, BDSM-themed movie Exit to Eden starring Dana Delaney, Dan Aykroyd, and Rosie O’Donnell. I can only imagine that I discovered this movie late one night on HBO…

(I can hear the groans already, but just stay with me!)

While visiting an island dedicated to dominant women to work out his own sexuality, the main character Elliot finds himself being spanked by the head mistress (Dana Delaney). As the scene becomes heated, she encourages him to accept his own desires and and eventually tells him, “It’s ok to like it. You’re allowed here.”

In hindsight, that simple line is a perfect summary of what discovering this incredible world of kink through the Internet was like for me in my early years because I didn’t really have anybody “in real life” who could tell me it was ok, but there were plenty of like-minded people online who were into these crazy scenes filled with ropes and leather and stiletto heels and whips and chains, too.

Got a question for me that you’ve been curious about? This fall I’d like to start running Author Q&As on Patreon where I can go into more depth like this for reader questions, so please check out my Patreon page if that’s something you’d be interested in!



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