A Special Fitting

Kim had been looking forward to this day for a long time…

Kim pays a visit to her local fetish boutique to pick-up a customized corset and is greeted with an extra special surprise as she takes the saleswoman up on a unique offer to try out her new bondage apparel in a more intimate setting…


Amy knew the look on Kim’s face and reassured her, “We’re almost done, dear. Let’s just get that corset tightened the rest of the way and then you’ll be all set!” Taking Kim’s hand and walking over to a horizontal bar that had been set into the wall, she offered, “You might want to hold onto that for support for this last part…”

Kim reached out and placed both hands firmly on the bar in front of her, spreading her legs to get as good of a footing as she could as she prepared for Amy to finish tightening the corset. She felt the laces give a little as Amy untied the temporary knot that she had placed in the center of her back, then the leather’s grasp on her body returned even stronger as Amy worked the last few inches of give out of the laces, bringing the eyelets of the corset tightly together along Kim’s spine and giving her an hourglass form that would turn any head in a room. She reached forward to adjust Kim’s breasts in the cups one last time, then finished cinching the corset and tied off the laces behind her back. Finally, she re-checked the neck corset to make sure that it was snug, but not too tight, and then also adjusting the shoulder straps that criss-crossed behind her shoulders to ensure that her breasts would stay lifted up tightly in front of her.

Stepping back, she smiled as Kim opened her eyes and took in her new look from all angles around the room. The immaculate leather hugged and highlighted every curve, lifting her body in all of the right places and creating a figure that simply exuded sexuality. From her glossy red lips and fresh makeup all the way down to the teetering heels laced on her feet, Kim looked incredible in her new outfit and she couldn’t thank Amy enough for all of the great craftsmanship that the boutique had done to make yet another addition to her wardrobe so special.

"It doesn't matter if you think you can take any more or not - that's the beauty of bondage."
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