A Birthday Dress Made of Black Leather

“I need you to help me get dressed before I go out tonight.”

Two roommates each with their own interests in kink, Jenna and Ben have an odd relationship that serves their unique desires quite well, as demonstrated one afternoon on Jenna’s 29th birthday when she asks for Ben’s help in getting dressed in a sexy, new black leather dress that she’s bought especially for her night out on the town.

Of course, even being required to be locked in chastity prior to laying hands on hot, new purchase, Ben still isn’t able to contain himself, thus inciting Jenna’s more sadistic side and setting the stage for how he will be spending the rest of his evening while his sexy roommate is out having her own special brand of naughty fun!


Even without being cinched closed, the black leather looked absolutely breathtaking against Jenna’s skin, and Ben was hardly able to contain himself as the girl raised her arms up over her head to allow him to better smooth out the leather before cinching down her waist. Running his hands firmly down her hips, he felt his breathing quicken as she began to playfully swing her hips back and forth, wiggling her tight, leather-clad bottom right in his face. She laughed as she felt his hands momentarily circle her rear, then returned to making a mixture of sweet and sexy faces in the mirror as she admired the skin-tight shape the leather was taking to her…

When he stood to finish lacing the corset itself, she told him bluntly, “Lace it all the way,” and smiled as he returned a simple, “Yes, Jenna…” without hesitation. Her smile continued to grow bigger as her waistline shrank with each pull, speechless as her already attractive figure became all the more exaggerated as feminine curves flowed throughout the black leather just begging to be touched. Though she strained a bit as she felt the final inches taken off, her goddess-like gaze in the mirror assured her that her pain was worth every last penny!

Ben tied the final knot and stood back to let Jenna truly take in her new look, which she did for several moments, swaying her hips rhythmically and admiring the leather as it fit her like a glove, before turning to him and continuing to beam her smile, looked him in the eye and told him, “Now, I have some boots which will require your assistance, too, but before we get to that … somebody’s been a naughty boy…”


TAGS: bondage, chastity, discipline, domination, femdom, fetish, humiliation, leather, nipple play, pain slut, tease and denial

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