Nothing about this bondage is subtle as these five erotic tales boast of tight leather straps and hours tucked away in sublime isolation. Whether you fancy latex or leather, chastity or cuckolding, or perhaps even a bit of good, old fashioned self-bondage, you’re bound to love enduring each of these decadently inescapable positions right up until the very end…

Feel the burn as you struggle helplessly against these kinky bonds:

Latex for Her, Chastity for Him
A naughty game of cat and mouse between husband and wife sees both embracing their submissive sides, with him first submitting to her, and then her taking on a much more provocative role at the hands of her master…

Hood Shopping
Michelle had always been curious about bondage hoods and their fun in kinky play until a random visit to her local sex store finds her being offered a special demo right in the middle of the store…

Kim’s New Toy
Reminiscing with an old flame, Kim first shares with her college boyfriend Ryan the sexy, new straitjacket that she’s bought to reward herself, but it isn’t long before old habits are revisited and Ryan finds himself helpless in her hands once more as the straps are cinched tight and she welcomes him back into subspace!

A Bed Built for Cuckold Bondage!
She wanted a new toy with which to exercise her dominance over him as she indulges in lust with her well-endowed boyfriend; he wanted nothing more than to please his mistress by putting his engineering skills to good use…

Enjoying My Bondage
Callie Stephens loves bondage – and these are but the first of her kinky stories, featuring her first self-bound hogtie, a tribute to her leather fetish with a custom leather sleepsack, and even an extra special bondage predicament designed especially for her…

A little sensory deprivation, or maybe some delightful tease and denial never hurt anybody – lock up and give in with these transcendent bondage urges today.


TAGS: bdsm, bondage, bondage hood, chastity, cuckolding, domination, femdom, latex, leather fetish, sensory deprivation, straitjacket

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