Ever scare yourself by what turns you on???

The taboo topics, the dark erotica that leaves you shivering at the end of each story in ways more than one? Well grab a cup of warm cider and settle in for these three spooktacular tales that will leave you wondering what just turned you on as you explore a trio of seasonal tales that may just end up being more than you were frightfully expecting!

Invitation to Ride
A young blonde receives a strange invitation promising orgasmic delights beyond her wildest fantasies, but as she soon finds herself addicted to the high life, will Christi begin to connect the dots behind what really makes this mystery program tick???

The Halloween Cuckold
A night of good, old-fashioned sexy fun persuades Jim to suit up for an upcoming Halloween party and his girlfriend goes out of her way to make sure it’ll be one he’ll never forget! Trouble is … it might be a far cry from the sexy time that he had originally been expecting…

Collecting Her Exes
A random get-together between high school sweethearts gets kinky when the two decide to rekindle a bit more than just good conversation, but what happens when David lets his guard down and he finds himself bound and helpless in the hands of his ex-girlfriend who called him over for much more sinister motives???

All Hallows Eve may only come but once a year, but don’t let that stop you from getting your fright on with these erotic tales that’ll have you out of breath and yet strangely desperate for more all in the same sitting…


TAGS: bdsm, bondage, cuckolding, femdom, forced orgasms, fucking machine, holidays, mystery

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