“You look very sexy in this dress, slave…”

“I expect you to treat Mistress Charlotte with the same respect that you treat me, and do whatever she tells you to do. I will intervene if I’m concerned about her crossing any lines or doing anything that you can’t handle, so you have only one role – to obey. No questions, don’t speak to her unless spoken to – just relax and enjoy what most guys only ever dream of. Understand?”

Mark and his girlfriend Anna weren’t exactly open about their kinky bedroom play … that is, until one day when her best friend Charlotte came across some particularly incriminating pictures of Mark crossdressing while looking through Anna’s vacation photos. With nowhere to run and his hormones urging him forward, Mark finds himself at the whim of both beautiful girls as his crossdressing kink takes center stage during an otherwise uneventful shopping trip…

“I can’t believe I’m doing this…”


“She has a very nice ass,” Charlotte spoke to Anna, causing Mark to blush as he continued to struggle holding his eyes shut.

Charlotte ran her hand lightly over his ass as Anna replied, “She certainly does.  You should hear her squeal when she gets spanked.  I’d offer to let you spank her now, but she really needs to be gagged while she’s being spanked or she’s likely to get us all in some trouble!”

“That sounds nice,” she told Anna with what sounded like a smile on her face.  Directing her attention back to Mark, she told him, “Turn, slave…” with the slave moniker catching him off guard as he found himself instinctively turned back to face forward as best as he could guess…

Mark next felt Charlotte reach over him and begin situating something on his head that he would later learn to be the long, blond wig that she had found.  As she straightened out the cap on his head, he nearly got lost in the feeling of the hair cascading down his corseted back.  He assumed that the wig must’ve been on properly when he heard a zip as Charlotte asked Anna, “Do you mind?”

“Certainly, be my guest!” Anna replied.  “Preferably the most fuck-me-red color that you’ve got!” she continued with a giggle.  At that point he had a small clue as to what she was after…

“Keep your lips still,” Charlotte commanded as she touched the color to his lips. Mark immediately found himself overwhelmed with a combination of embarrassment and arousal, as he certainly hadn’t expected their little game to go quite this far – in the middle of the store, no less – and yet he also knew in the back of his mind that he’d be absolutely crazy to interrupt what was unfolding around him at that point. Another of his big fetishes had turned out to be makeup … something that he only learned after Anna had suggested him trying it after dressing him up, and quickly he had found it to be nearly as powerful to him as putting on a pair of boots or lacing a corset around his waist…

“Good – now blot,” she prompted.  He rolled my lips very carefully in little circles, knowing all too well that this was the part that he normally had trouble with and that he certainly didn’t want to mess up right now.  Satisfied with her work, Charlotte backed away to get a better full-on view, though first bumping his chest which twisted the clamp on his nipple and caused him to gasp out in pain.

Charlotte looked startled and wasn’t sure if she had done something wrong until Anna suggested to her, “Look down her dress…”

"To see that innocent, scared, yet completely trusting look in his eyes ... it's really intense."
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