What are people saying about KinkyWriter Erotica?

As someone who absolutely adores being restrained, being made to feel helpless, this story is a dream come true.

I have always thought of straitjackets as being stiff, coarse, uncomfortable things, but KinkyWriter makes them sound delightfully comfortable in their ability to completely restrain a person.

If you’re not sweaty and breathless by the end of this, then I do not think we can play.
Sally Bend, Bending the Bookshelf

Book Cover for A Collection of FemDom Perspectives (by KinkyWriter)

If you enjoy reading about domination, you will enjoy this book. Especially if you need a quick fix, maybe a quick read in a coffee break, this one could be ideal.

The stories delve straight into the heart of the matter and are a great quick light read. The only problem would be if you are reading in a reasonably public area you will have to cross your legs as they are very arousing! 🙂

KinkyWriter has the astounding capability to really draw you into the story, the detail and descriptions make it so easy to picture that you are either the Dom or the sub. No matter which you prefer, you will enjoy the way these short stories are crafted.
Joanne Summers, Joanne’s Reviews

Book Cover for Glimpses of FemDom... (by KinkyWriter)

Femdom…. that word has a certain ring to it… I can recognize a great deal from my own life in the story – including taking my slave to town making him pay for my shopping and making him wear a chastity device. Until page 11 I was in fact worried that the story WAS about ME and MY life!!!! But page 11 made me breathe a sigh of relief!

Don’t worry…. I’m not going to tell you what happens at page 11 but I hope you’ll take the time to find out for yourself. I can greatly recommend the book, and I was so happy to discover that this is not the only book by my new favorite author – this summer my slave is going to do a lot of reading out loud for me!!

If you feel the urge to get wet (or hard even if you’re a guy) from reading kinky stories you can find plenty right here!

Book Cover for One Last Tease... (by KinkyWriter)


This is simply as good as it gets.
– Amazon Reviewer

Book Cover for Leather Fetish Girl (by KinkyWriter)

Great leather fetish story

One of the best fetish stories i have read…
– Amazon Reviewer

Book Cover for Stress and Self-Bondage, Part 1 (by KinkyWriter)

I want MORE!

This book is incredibly hot. I couldn’t put it down.
– Pink Top Hat Books

Book Cover for The Male Chastity Perspective (by KinkyWriter)

Love the cover of this book

I highly recommend it for believers of Female Superiority.
– Amazon Reviewer 

Book Cover for The Best of KinkyWriter.com, vol. 1 (by KinkyWriter)

Bondage and leather

Finally, a high quality collection of stories. I enjoyed them all, without exception. They were emotionally profound and insightful and very well edited. The author is quite talented. It was the first story of him that I’ve read and it certainly won’t be the last.
– Amazon Reviewer

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