Drinks with Her Ex, and a Pink Chastity Cage

Was his wife about to cheat on him with her college lover???

And even more so concerning – why was he so undeniably aroused, as the hard-on hidden within his pants still hadn’t subsided that had appeared from when he’d helped Amanda put on her high heels a few moments earlier!

Scott had admitted to his wife once before that the idea of her sleeping with another man – particularly one of her ex-boyfriends – aroused him greatly, but it’s a whole different story when he comes home to find her primping herself, dressed to the nines in new lingerie and a sexy leather skirt for an unexpected night of drinks and who knows what else with an old flame from college that she’d once affectionately referred to as her favorite fuck…

Share in a submissive husband’s delicious agony as he anticipates his wife’s return home from her naughty night out, scrutinizing his own perverted desires as he revels in the worst and comes to terms with what actually becoming his wife’s cuckold could truly entail.


He closed his eyes and imagined Amanda sharing her little secret with her best friend, Tiffany, over lunch, who then no doubt proceeded to egg her on even further with new lingerie and even a leather skirt on loan that they agreed would drive her husband absolutely wild.

Scott fantasized about the delighted smile that he’d seen beaming from his own wife’s face as she flaunted her naughty side right in front of his face, knowing that he would never have the courage to confront her and how really, she could get away with whatever she wanted – no matter how outlandish or taboo her desires were.

After reasserting her dominance in their relationship, Amanda was free to see whoever she wanted…

…date whoever she wanted…

…and even fuck whoever she wanted.

Especially fuck!

Imagining Amanda cuddled up on the lap of her former lover on a leather couch at the rooftop bar of Shawn’s hotel, he ached to picture those luscious, red lips that she wouldn’t dare smudge for him now locked with her ex-boyfriend’s, his hands freely exploring her body and piece by piece noticing the sexy lingerie that she and Tiff had picked out just for him.

Asking her, “What about your husband back at home?” Amanda would slyly reply, “You mean the guy who will be hand washing this lingerie for me tomorrow after you fuck me in them???”

"He had his hand up my skirt before we even left the bar..."
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