Leather Fetish Girl

“So how tight will this go???”

“I almost wish that I could leave this off so that I can enjoy the look on your face, but you deserve to know what an orgasm feels like when you’re completely bound from head to toe in leather …”

Christina always considered herself to be a particularly ordinary girl – she had a good job, fun friends, and a liking for fashion … but not just any fashion in particular. Above all else, Christina took a special liking to leather, be it skirts or shoes or even designer handbags, but it wasn’t until she met a young leather designer named Jason Glass that she came to appreciate the provocative material in an entirely different manner!

Join Christina as she tours Jason’s studio filled with leather corsets and dresses and high heels and more … if your experience is anything like Christina Bishop’s no doubt you’ll find yourself speechless before the adventure is through…


“Now this one is going to be a little more intense,” he warned her as Christina now stood topless in front of him without concern while he unveiled the last dress – a strict-looking corset dress emblazed with fiery red vertical stripes that ran from below the knees all the way up to a special neck corset intended to hold the wearer’s chin high in the air as she looked down upon pretty much everybody else around her.

“Am I even going to be able to walk in this thing?!” Christina exclaimed as she stepped into the partially-laced dress and then stood patiently while her host worked the garment up around her torso and neck in preparation for the long bout of tight lacing that it was sure to require.

“A bit!” Jason replied with a snicker. “To be perfectly honest with you, most women who wear something like this don’t exactly spend a lot of time on their feet…” he told her with a playful wink before taking his place behind the blonde and beginning his work of first cinching the slack out of the corset at her waist, then moving down to the lacing near her knees and thighs before finally standing back up to situate the supple, yet firm leather that was to trace its way up her neck.

Christina felt her body tingle in a thousand places at once as the lacing slowly tightened around her from seemingly every angle, leaving her feeling both helpless and beautiful as the black and red leather highlighted every last curve on her body in a way that took her breath away nearly as much as the laces did themselves. Save for a pair of explicitly placed cut-outs that provocatively showed off her pert and perky breasts, the rest of her body from her neck to below her knees was restricted by the gorgeous leather as Jason seemed to no longer seek her feedback while he continued to pull the laces back and forth tighter and tighter until she towered precariously on her high heels, her body encased wonderfully in the sweet, confining leather like she had never experienced before…

Unable to bend at the knee, Christina turned slowly in the mirrors as she gazed wide-eyed at what the incredible corset dress had done to her. Though it was ridiculously confining, she couldn’t help but think that she kind of liked it as she adjusted to its embrace while the leather held unrelentingly to her every inch like a kinky vice.

“I’m not sure if I can walk back out there in this!” she gasped as she made some small attempts to hobble around the dressing room, mesmerized by Jason’s impeccable craftsmanship as she found that she was only able to step a few inches at a time in her new leathery predicament. Handing her this time a pair of striking red leather gloves that came nearly to her shoulders, Christina couldn’t believe the sight that she saw as she stared back at herself nearly covered from head to toe in such beautiful leather while Jason disappeared to retrieve his camera one more time.

"I'm just a girl who kind of has a thing for leather..." - Leather Fetish Girl
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